SNGPL vs WAPDA | President's Cup One-Day Tournament | Karachi | 19/4/13 | Final


Senior T20I Player
Feb 4, 2005
The Final of the President's Cup ODI Tournament will be starting in a little over two hours time (9:30 AM Pakistan time) between SNGPL and WAPDA.

Who will go on to win this tournament?
What a run Misbah is having as domestic skipper this season!

He's participated in 4 domestic tournaments.

Finished as runner-ups in the Faysal Bank T-20 Cup
Won the President's Trophy with SNGPL.
Won the Faysal Bank Super Eight T-20 Cup with Faisalabad Wolves.
Has SNGPL in the final of the President's Cup One-Day Tournament now.
From the sound after that boundary by Taufeeq Umar, there seems to be a sole clapper at the ground at the moment. SGNPL 24/0 #presidentscup
Rana Naved-ul-Hasan already regretting deciding to bowl? That FOUR by Mohammad Hafeez brings up the 50 after 8 overs. 50/0 #presidentscup
Don't know why WAPDA opted to bowl first if they are playing on same strip as yesterday. In a final you want to put a total on the board and put the other team under preassure.

Maybe they know Misbah is good at chasing so they want him to set a target instead (apart from trying to get most out of the early morning pitch of course)
Champions Trophy 30 Probables member Zulfiqar Babar concedes 7 runs off his first over, SNGPL are 64/0 after 10 overs. #presidentscup
Stupid to use same coloured kits.
The 100 for SNGPL is raised after 16.3 overs. A very strong platform has been built here for the likes of Azhar, Misbah and Umar etc.
SNGPL are 121/0 after 20 overs. Run rate of 6.05 is very healthy at the moment. Taufeeq 62(59)* and Hafeez 57(61)*.
Same old problem with Hafeez, he thinks his job is done after making 50. Must be the player who has thrown away most good starts.
OUT! Taufeeq is caught by Tanzeel off Saad for 79(78). This is Saad's second wicket. SNGPL are 165/2 after 28.3 overs.
OUT! Umar Akmal's poor run of form continues. He is caught by Ayub off Tanzeel for 9(11). SNGPL are 181/3 after 31.5 overs.
Can any body tell if there are any fans in the ground watching the match?
Really disappointing to see Umar bat this way, wasting all his potential.
SNGPL are 196/3 after 35 overs. Azhar 31(48) and Misbah 7(9). The batting powerplay is on now.
OUT! Azhar Ali is bowled by Junaid Khan for 33(51). WAPDA are back in the match. SNGPL are 200/4 after 36.1 overs.
SNGPL are 215/4 after 40 overs. Khurram 5(11)* and Misbah 19(25)*. 19 runs were yielded from the powerplay.
11 runs from Zulfiqar Babar's over. SNGPL are 232/4 after 42 overs. Khurram 6(16)* and Misbah 34(32)*.
OUT! Misbah falls into the trap and Junaid gets his wicket. He departs for 34(35). SNGPL are 233/5 after 42.5 overs.
MIsbah...:out Gone of junaid.. He is proving once again that he cant Bat against quality Bowling.. have to accept this fact..
-Man you got to love Junaid khan! such a hardworking n talented lad. on dead wickets hes able to produce beauties, one gem of cricketer. Possibly best one atm from pak.
-Man you got to love Junaid khan! such a hardworking n talented lad. on dead wickets hes able to produce beauties, one gem of cricketer. Possibly best one atm from pak.
For me he is the most valuable player in Pakistan ODI team after ajmal.
3 boundaries of that Junaid over and one dropped catch.