South Africa vs Australia | 3rd Test | Cape Town | 03/03/14 | Day 3

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Mar 16, 2012
Day 3 starts in an hour. Weather is clear. There will be 98 overs bowled today in all likelihood.
Australia has declared on overnight total of 494-7. Game starts in 20 mins.
Should have waited till the teams were out there before declaring. Make Smiffy think they are going to field then send them out to bat.
Should have waited till the teams were out there before declaring. Make Smiffy think they are going to field then send them out to bat.

I dont think we need any mind games, we are going all out to try and win this one. We dont want a draw.
That was a stupid review from Clarke. Too much of a 50:50 to risk a review in that case. Now they have lost one.
Biff :out for 5 Harris gets the edge

No captain's knock for him today
Harris has been perfect in his line today and is cutting the ball off the seam
Johnson to Petersen, no run, serious searing pace. At 150.4ks. Into the ribs. Just outside leg. Petersen just about avoids it
Need to crush, kill and destroy.

Looking forward to Patto
One of the hallmarks of this OZ attack was that they used to keep things tight generally. What the Saffers have done successfully is that they've been able to score consistently even when put under attack by Clarke.
Smith going early again is massive blow for S.A

Peterson and elgar both need to score runs to gain a foot hold in current side.
What a catch by haddin!

Elgar gone and S.A in trouble 42/2
Elgar gets an inside edge on the punch, and Haddin changes direction and flies to his right to take this screamer

Brilliant catch by Haddin :14:
Geez if Patto can keep it up we should be good for another few wickets today. As good as the attack was with Sid Patto has that bit of x-factor about him and can dial it up to 150k.
Starc,Bird, Cummings, Pattinson. All take wickets but are very expensive.
SA scoring at a good clip, 4.5rpo
Peterson :out

Jonno strikes, down legside and flicks the bat caught behind
Two best Saffers at the crease
Much needed breakthough. Need another few before lunch.
They're giving ABCD a bit of a chirp at the wicket. "Come on boys let's catch it on the bounce" (reference to ABCD claiming a catch that bounced in Centurion and PE)
I like this, Saffers are scoring fast and losing wickets. Thats not how they like to play, we are playing the game on our terms.
Amla looks to be in sublime form. Not sure how we would get him out. Just be patient and keep bowling in the right areas I guess.
And as I type that Harris bowls Amla, full delivery that swings in between bat and pad and castles him
Give Patto a break. This is his his first FC first class match since early July.

He's gone for a lot of runs though. It's a good thing that Harris got his mojo back and has only conceded 18 runs off his 7 overs to cover for Patto's 37 runs off 6. So together they are conceding a bit over 4 rpo.
Can't believe SA are being destroyed by AUS here. Warner has been the difference between the 2 sides imo. Having an aggressive opener who scores tons can be a MASSIVE advantage.
Faf was very lucky to survive IMO. Looks like he feathered his first delivery thru to the keeper. They should really be 5 down lol
Harris is asking questions with every delivery. Shout for LBW turned down. He's bowling full and at the stumps and swinging the ball
Patto smacks ABCD on the shoulder with a bouncer
Commies are now contradicting themselves .They said at pitch report today day 3 will be best day for batting now they are saying its not!
I think AUS have the quickest pace attack when you consider the average pace of Johnno,Patto and Rhino. Steyn and Philander are not that consistently quick. Only Morkel is. Which is why they haven't been as good as a bowling unit of late.
Why are the Aussies getting reverse swing this game but the Saffers are not?

Why did the saffers get reverse swing last game but the Aussies did not?
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