Test 2 Day 5 Discussions and Score Updates [20/03/05]

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Jan 30, 2005
India were in control of most of the fourth day of the second Test between India and Pakistan in Kolkatta. Apart from the early over Indian jitters thanks to Mohammad Sami, India were soon in the driving seat with batsman Rahul Dravid and wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik piling on huge runs. Dravid went on to make his second test century of the match and Karthik missed out on his maiden century by just 7 runs. Once these two fell, thanks to some good bowling from Danish Kaneria, the remaining Indian armour seemed fragile and weak and soon belted with captain Saurav Ganguly declaring at 407/9. Soon after, Pakistan's master blaster Shahid Afridi entertained the Kolkatta crowd - although how much they actually enjoyed it is another story - with his electrifying stroke play, with 2 huge 6's. Paired with opening partner Taufeeq Umar, these two had an opening stand of 93 runs before Afridi fell to some intelligent bowling by Anil Kumble in the penultimate over of the day.

The stage is set for a classic finish as Pakistan press for victory to achieve 327 in 90 overs with 9 wickets in hand.

Please place all discussions and score updates here.
im surprised this thread is not made by the great AJ himself..
well since he's not here...i thought id do it incase he doesn't show up at all..and considering there are only 25 minutes left to start of play
This should be a very nerve racking day making it more absorbing than the odi's could be possible and if Pakistan can bat without losing many wickets they can get at least a draw if not a win
well im hoping for a win...i can't see pak batting out full 90 overs with a target of just 327 with 9 wickets remaining...we will either win or lose, no draw
I'm hoping for a victory - it can be possible if we bat sensibly. No losses though! :-^
Good morning and welcome to the live coverage of the fifth and final day's play
We have reached the climax and it's going to be an absorbing day's cricket, that's for sure]
Pakistan require another 327 runs, India need another nine 9 wickets.
It's advantage India. Pakistan need another miracle, they have done it before, can then do it again is the big question?!
India will be frustrated that the pitch hasn't deteriorated as much as expected, and it still playing easy, if a bit slower.
indians have played AGAINST their natural instincts and not tampered with the pitch :eek:D
Lol So Karthik's mother always travels with him eh? thats nice to know first ball to be bowled here we go
That has to be the absolute dumbest shot i have seen played to a full toss down leg side...now comes inzi...
Oh dear.

Amjid's gonna have field day with this one.

I'm taking cover!
Aj deserves to insult Yk for that crap he woulda had a better chance swinging it for a six...he just bowled the same thing to inzi and he played it why coulnt gay k
...I was going to call Kartick a mummy's boy...then I was going to refer to the massive cracks in the pitch...then this went and happened!
*** was YK doing ???

But again, he's already sored way too much in first innings
Inzi's regular position is 4, tahai
He came at 5 in the last innings because he was sick
Nice ball there by Kumble that killed Taufiq :p wat bounce lol Im sure inzi is there to take the advantage away from India
...and Flirta-P avoids having the sex change (if YK had scored 150 runs in this test!!!)
Yk should be beaten up by rest of the players and Bablu...i dont care what he score last innings..anyways Balla in attck now..
Inzi once again expected to score 150...to take the game to the end of the third session
otherwise...miracles dont happen every day..
india getting mad with apealing..
Akmal followed up his ton with a duck 1

Yk doing the same. I wonder what they think after scoring a ton !!
any fans that might have had added to teh MYK fan club have all resigned from their association with the club with a very stupid way to throw the wicket ...

atleast afridi makes contact when he gets out ...
But i appreciate Inzi..
came in ahead of Yoyo..
means mentally he want to do well here..
but whether he can do it...only time will tell
wonder what the instructions for taufeeq are:

play it cool and sta or play your natural game..
MecnunK said:
Yk should be beaten up by rest of the players and Bablu...i dont care what he score last innings..anyways Balla in attck now..

i have half a mind of going over there to help out myself. how do you get out like that...how!!! the guy is a failure and doesnt deserve to be in the team let alone be VC!
Instruc for Taufiq: Get a 100 and we will buy u so many ladoos and praise u so much u will be the next miandad
is bala swinging/seaming it quite a bit? he is hitting pads alot accordin to commentry
Kalaji has lost his mind. Appealing for damn thhing. And yesterday the morons at ICF was accusing Kami of over-appealing
the true passionist said:
balaji needs to be handed a full match fee penalty

if you havent figured it out yet, Indians will do anything to win. rough up the pitch by running on it, false appealing...all they care about is winning, they have no integrity whatsoever.
don't these guys ever learn???

i mean they don't care about their income do they? next thing u know..EVERY indian player will be fined 100% match fees :eek:D
if say some1 like moin khan was on the other side they coulda easily made 3 or more runs on that shot but inzi there..
I have a feeling that today belongs to Taufiq. He will do something significant today.
Anyone know if first ball stump is ever heard before. I think this is a record. I will ask Steven.
these indians can't stop talking about how yk got out..thats all they have to cherish
its not about the first ball, its the way he did it. what was he THINKING!!!!!
It is a good chance for Taufiq. He is batting with oneof the gaints. Inzi should have some good tips for him.
but sadly, if he makes a century here, he is still bound to be dropped for the ODI series
now wat the hell was he appealing for!!??? I am gonna personally go there and slap Kumble and the rest of the bhindians
Do u notice how Kaif just keeps randomly coming on to field when he wants to prolly Laxman overbloated his injury to get kaif to field..laxman vs kaif in fielding skill wat amazing likenes....
This constant appealing and jumping up and down like little frogs is seriously pissing the hell outta me!! |-F |-F
I can see intothe future:-

Balaji will get fined for incesant appealing (so much leg side stuff)

Anil Kumble-could take all 10 wkts. That ball is singing for him today saying 'yes your master, anything you say master'.
well lets look at the bright side..since the bhindians only eat veggies...they will lose all their energy in appealing and jumping, so soon they will be exhausted and we can really take advantage of this
I hope inzi hits the ball up kumbles uterus to get him to shut up o and bala too!! pissing me off this useless shouting i hate the sounds of their voices anyway and this is doing nothing but adding on to it
Kumble screams like he is in labor. and he squats while he is doing so!!
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