The Ashes | 1st Test | Brisbane | 28/11/10 | Day 4

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Dec 29, 2008
this could very well be the day the 1st Test is settled.

England with a mountain to climb to stay in the game.

Skipper Strauss has to play a knock and half here.
9.20am Good morning and welcome to the fourth day at the Gabba. Play will start 12 minutes early, still making up for lost time from the second day, so we'll bring you the first ball at 9.48am.
If neither Cook or Strauss scores a ton by the end of the day, its game over for England.
not sure if Cook has that kind of steel in him...Strauss definitely needs to step up though.

Colly may well be playing for his place in the side, IMO.
England have a good chance to salvage a draw if they can survive the next 20 overs or so without loss. As we all witnessed yesterday once the new ball starts to get old batting becomes a lot easier on this pitch

i'm really hoping that England can hang in there, not just for the sake of my bet (England to win) which looks a loser now :6: but also so that we can all enjoy a fifth day of what has so far been a cracking game of cricket

good luck everyone :)
jaffa from Siddle, beats Strauss all ends up.
Strauss beaten 3 times in a row!!! nervy start!
Tubby reckons England need to make 400...they wish!
United Nations XI look like they're going to dig in

airy fairy waft from Cook, flies past 3rd slip

next ball is pitched up, firmly driven thru the covers for 2.

short wide and cracked for four, lovely shot from Cook.

looks good :butt
England rotating the strike really well, bowlers can't execute their plans for the batsmen.
KP looks like a French musketeer lol, AWFUL tache he's got.

Watto brought on to bowl, interesting.
We want a wicket we want a wicket bring MJ on see if he's decided to be good today
26 runs in 7 overs so far this morning.

very good start :wg
Pretty much everyone has their best against pakstan. Were the IT team
Lol watsons best against pakistan.

we are known to make heros ;) who ever can't bat ... after we clean up class players they make score against us ... & whoever don't take wickets... they have their career best against us .... & then take on everyone ;)
50 up for England


lovely cover drive from Strauss.
Warney laying into Punter, says Oz being a bit too desperate.
ooooh, that kept a bit low, Cook almost knocked over there.
raps Strauss on the gloves! get a single though.
the draw price has collapsed, and the Aussie price is drifting like a barge with each England run

1.90 Aussies

2.30 Draw

24.0 England

short and wide, upper cut by Strauss

another :four

beauuutiful shot, thru extra cover :moyo
slightly short, and pulled away in a flash.

only 2 though.
very good start by England, this pair is batting with a lot of intent.
Why did i think he was already married? They been engaged for so long now. Shes a karate champ, mj wont be upsetting her for sure :)))

short wide and a terrible misfield at point!
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