The Ashes | 2nd Test | Adelaide | Day 4 | 6/12/10

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Make or break for the Aussies today. Probably a similar situation to what England were in at the Gabba (maybe slightly worse). Pitch is still good for batting and if the Aussies bat to their potential a draw is still possible.
England is wasting time here. Go for quick runs and declare
England should take the lead to 400 then declare - it will give them plenty of time to bowl out the Aussies
He challenged it and survives. Nothing going right for Aussies.
Match Winner
Australia 201.00
Draw 2.10 BET
England 1.73
But i reckon barbie will be give them a run for their money as well on this track
Pietersen out to 227 to a left-arm spinner.

I reckon we have found a weakness here...
But they should really declare. Max 5 more overs to get the lead as close to 400 as possible.
Goodness me, this is a slaughter. You don't see this stuff happening in tests too often.
How much should I bet on England with odds of 1.73
Can Jimmy bowl out Australia or do we have another lead? 2 wickets are guaranteed in Clarke and North.
England have madfe 1137/6 in their last 2 innings

Good legacy for McGrath, Warne and co.

thick outside edge, 3rd man boundary.

Australia underway.
Katto off the mark, visibly struggling with the injury.

too full, and dispatched thru the covers by Watson.
Century needed from watson. I will be watching with preverse anticipation for ir.

slashed over the slips, loose shot from Watto.
Drives, edged uppishly but lands safe. Ooooh.
I wish they would play safely, a la azhar ali :D
I cant survive the loss of quick wickets
Not many people in the ground. It seem cricket popularity has gone down there and with it the team.
maiden from Barbie, was a bit too wide in that over.
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