The Misbah-ul-Haq Captaincy Analysis Thread


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Jul 27, 2010
How do you think Misbah will perform as captain in the test series?

Will his equipment survive the raging fires if he is unfairly dropped or criticised? :misbah
OMG the thread has started quiet roughly for our test skipper. IMO his defense looks ok and he will survive as long as others score at a decent rate acc to test standards. All he needs to do is survive at one end.

I like the title 'and his equipment' :)
These are the kind of pitches which will suit his kind of batting. I still think he will struggle with the bat, we all know how nervous he is at the beginning of the innings and with the extra pressure of captaining the side, I don't think he has a chance.

As a captain I think he will do well, it certainly looks like he has a good cricket brain, but thats not the only thing a Pakistan captain has to possess to captain our team successfully. He needs the players' support which I am sure players like Younis will be more than willing to give not too sure about Yousuf.
Misbah is past his retirement age.

I dont know what long term plan PCB has in mind, or maybe they have no plan in mind at all, hence the selection of Misbah as captain.
when I clicked ... . I thought may be in this thread there will be a talk what bat he uses . ... lol ..... anyways I don't expect wonders from him .. if he come good .. then its just a good luck for us .... don't worry he don't have long to prove us hehehe watever he got
this man has no shame, he's not even a has been as he never was!

His recent performances for Pak have been abysmal to put it kindly - now he's leading the team and the players must be as dumbstruck as we are how he landed this role!
Mr Consistent Hmmmmm :inti


KingUsama92 posted this vid on Utube :)) :))

Usama this is said in jest, i know he used to be but now hes consistent in being crap
I am not watching the game, so any comments as far as the 1st session goes? :misbah
The first session of test match captaincy has been a tough one for ol' Misbah. Wicket's flat, only positive is Gul, who has bowled well, perhaps been a bit unlucky.

Misbah isn't very pro active either, maybe old age catching up with him :)
Please play good Misbah, otherwise my dad is going to tell me off for supporting you for nothing.
Didn't do much wrong to be honest

Simply didn't have resources (bowler, conditions) to extract much
:misbah got the mind of a captain but that wont do him no good unless he scores some runs...misbah lucky not to have :farhat and amin in the team..he wont have to face the new ball now :yk
What a tactition, the modern day Imran. He warned you not to underestimate him. :bow:
I have enjoyed his captaincy up to now.

Attacking mindset. It's a refreshing approach considering most captains tend to get defensive.

Pitch has been tough, but the bowlers and Misbah are getting rewarded for their work now.
Guys,I havent been able to watch the match in great detail apart from the Pak innings,really need to get a WORKING alarm but how has Misbah's captaincy been so far ? Seems to be doing well so far ?
He always looked smart, and i liked his in and out field simultaneously being very attacking and not letting the south africans get easy boundaries. Wish him the best of luck with his batting, it would take a HUGE pressure off his shoulders.
I have been the biggest advocate for an attacking captain and Misbah has not dissapointed at all so far. However, all of it will mean nothing if he cannot perform with the bat.

P.S. how lovely it is to see 4 slips for fast bowlers and a leg slip to spinners.
Guys,I havent been able to watch the match in great detail apart from the Pak innings,really need to get a WORKING alarm but how has Misbah's captaincy been so far ? Seems to be doing well so far ?

He's looked impressive on the field.

Leading the guys well.

Didn't take his foot off the pedal when the runs were being piled on by the South Africans and it paid dividends.

I hope he bats well, though.
a crap captain,, a crap player,, a disgrace to cricket...
was playing poorly. He looks is awful form with no balance... I hope he steps up..
Now there will be floods of posts about change in captaincy. And you know who The Saviour of Pakistan Cricket is lately. ;-)
WAT a Shot CapTan Sahab lol ... I wanted it ... the way he was acting after being made captain ... he was saying he merit above all .... I loved it .. though I wanted others to score
we have everything is old...
PCB chairman
and now... captain

because old is gold :D
a crap captain,, a crap player,, a disgrace to cricket...

Hey! Don't say that to me. I have an MBA!!! :misbah

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Seems to do well setting the field but has zero batting ability.
Can som1 explain to me y Gul opened from the pavilion end wen he got all his wkts at the far end?

And y is Ajmal bowling at pav. end wen Botha was getting purchase from the other end?
Very bad start by Misbah, you dont win the toss and bowl when you have Sami in the side.
takes the new ball but keeps the only wicket taker away...instead Sami Thompson sprays his first over with the new cherry to all over the wicket
WTH, last over of the day with ball being 4-5 overs old...and Rehman is bowling
What ws grandpa thinking giving 2nd new ball to sami???
Really dumb captaincy by Misbah in the last half hour of the day.
Giving the second new ball to Sami when Tanvir bowled well with the first new ball and then replacing Sami with Rehman- the worst decisions by Misbah in his 1.2-match stint as captain.
Apparently, Tanvir Ahmed was ill so couldn't bowl with the 2nd new ball.
^so why was he on the field? if he can bowl tomorrow, there was no reason whatsoever to take 2nd new ball then and waste it with Sami
Everyone lets raise a glass for our bhai :misbah He has led Pakistan to a drawn series against no 2 ranked team. Time for some humble pie for those who thought we would lose 2-0 under :misbah He is going to also lead us into WC hopefully.
Well done :misbah if the fielders supported you we would've been batting today.
how was his captaincy and field placing today, didn't watch the match live
I always liked Misbah-ul-Haq. I think it's fair to say that 6 months ago I was his only supporter
Top player and what a change captaincy has brought in his batting.
Well batted, now if only he could get singles as well

I know I'm asking for too much
what about younis khan the looser. told you guys in many threads this guy is getting exposed and is crumbling under pressure. he will fail again in 2nd innings. To misbah ul haq. you are Da man. after inzi if there is only batsman who has balls that is misbah ul haq.