Zimbabwe v Pakistan | 3rd ODI | Harare | 14/09/11 | Zimbabwe innings

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May 25, 2009
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Game on I think because Pakistan are without their greatest reliable asset Ajmal and a completely new look attack of Cheema, S.Khan, Tanvir, Y.Shah and Hafeez/Malik
Good test for these bowlers. Am interested to see Shah. Legspinners will almost always go for runs but let's see how many strikes he can make.
I think we will win this match.

Btw I don't like Adnan Akmal a bit. Umer Akmal should keep instead cuz I just hate the fact that Adnan doesn't know how to bat & we don't need a keeper who doesn't know batting.
the end of innings just showed how badly we need a umar akmal or Razzaq type of player, even Hammad is decent
This is going to be an interesting chase as there is no strike bowler this game. No Ajmal who is our star match winning bowler.

Its a winning total but Zims will get as close as they can to it. Will not be a comfortable win at all.

Thats just what I feel.

Lets see how it pans out
Is Tanvir's first delivery allways a wide?
Sohail Khan, who is quite erratic to bowl
Looks like good pace again, edged away for one.
Shame that we don't have a single genuine swing bowler.
Bowling quick, but gun barrel straight, ever other quickie has swung the new ball this series apart from these first 3 balls from Sohail
Accurate, but harmless, how can you not get the ball to swing here, everyone else has swung it?
3-0 only 1 rating point picked up and no youngster with a standout performance
I don't care if we win or lose this game I just want to see the leggie tear this lineup apart :afridi
Spoiled the over with a poor ball there
Pakistan have been accurate, not many bad balls, but no venom
We have gifted one to South Africa :raja taking a swipe at keppler wessels
Rameez knows nothing about new pakistani players. This is just embarrasing
Vusi Sibanda is not a player who should be averaging in the 20s. Looks a more than decent bat, another underachiever thus far :hafeez
Hit him on the glove! Goes for four, but good pace.
Yasir Shah broke the stumps with his throw...

:afridi ?
Lols Yasir has broken the stump even before his bowling
Honestly bowlers should use that thing boxers use to protect their teeth.
He must be bowling around 145 kph here? Looks very fast.
3rd umpire taking a long time, could go with not out..
bat was on the line, and even if it wasn't, it was in between frames and the bails were well on their way, so umpire should have used common sense
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