Zimbabwe v Pakistan | 3rd ODI | Harare | 14/09/11 | Zimbabwe innings

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Lols is it Zameer Haider wannabe up there or?
bat was on the line, and even if it wasn't, it was in between frames and the bails were well on their way, so umpire should have used common sense

Exactly. If the umpire had to use that common sense, it would still be out but I wouldn't be disappointed. But there is a still frame in there with no bat behind the line and the bails dislodged.
Bit too full. Sohail getting away with it because of a bit of extra speed.
Another solid over from Sohail

25 from 8
Big appeal, had to pitch outside leg, hes not bringing it back in
third four in the over

Zimbabwe 37 for 0 in 9
Tanvir 5-0-23-0
Sohail 5-0-20-0
Hafeez 1-0-5-0
How can the third umpire give that not out???? The umpired should be fired.... He had soooo much time..?????

Meh relax, theyll be a collapse after the 1st wicket go's...but this is pretty pathetic tbh and worrying taking into account the ;stronger' teams
Good testing conditions for pakistan bowlers, this is where abit of though and some natural bowling skill needs to be shown to pick up wickets
Against Zimbabwe no wicket and getting plastered all over now, these pace bowlers are showing their age and mediocrity.
"wekho balla picho parreya jai"

well daaan well daaan yosaaalf yoosaaalf yoosaaalf misbah bhai yoosaaalf well dann well daan very well daaan
The commentator who has seen Yasir Shah in the nets is praising him, apparantly a big turner of the ball.
Pakistan will miss the services of Ajmal today , Hafeez already keeping things tight.
Andy ZaltzmansHair has this to say: "Time to try the third and best Akmal in the keeping slot.... UMAR. One can't bat and the other can't keep. Umar has the best of both worlds."
why doesn't he bowl a yorker just to surprise the batsman. The length bowling is too predictable.
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