3rd Test: 2nd Days play scoreboard and discussion thread [24/03/05]

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Oct 6, 2004
Pls wait until close to start of play before posting comments...

Its 323/2 and Partnership of 316.... Can we finish Day 2 in style ? C'mon Pakistan - Himat aur Jazba.....lets go!
Ok 15-20 mins to lift off - fire away people...As always a gentle reminder , no personal attack/abuse/jibes on fellow PPers or our players.

And no personal attacks on the opposition. Just make dua we will enjoy much success! Inshallah!
Good - but how is everyone feeling this morning ? upbeat, apprehensive or too stunned to think ?
A bit of all three MIG. I didnt watch yesterdays play but when i set off to work yesterday i was stunned as to what had happened!

I couldnt believe what happened with Shahid bhai! So unfortunate for him! Inzi and Younis played well though!

Inshallah Inzi will score his second triple century today .
does anyone have yesterday's highlights or any link for it??????? i really wanna see harbhy's arguement with myk :))
Good Morning to everyone in Europe and Good Evening to everyone in North America.

Lets hope Inzi and YK get off to a good start today. If they get rolling again I can see Inzi with 300+ by close and a pak score of 600 +.

If we loose a early wicket- I hope the team doesn't collapse again- they need to keep calm and confident .
"We know hes a hungry boy" Ravi Shastri about Inzi! Lol!
An edge from Younis flies through for 4. No 3rd slip!
Another 4 to Younis 331-2! This time a much better shot!

could be the good luck we need

Hang in there Younis bhai
let me guess inzi stepped across the line, the ball cut in, got him plumb in front?
Not the start we were looking for. It was a cracking delivery straightup from Balaji! Inzi was plumb!
Pathan to Younis Khan, FOUR, here we go! bit of width outside the
off stump, driven away off the back foot to the point boundary, a
good over destroyed
any audio links?

sify.com has 1, but when i click on the link nothing happens- typical indian site !!
the ball is swinging and btw dont loose hope so early. INSHALLAH we wont repeat kolkotta. Inzi got a cracker of the delivery first up .
Will it be 3rd time lucky for Younis today! The past 2 occasions hes got a century hes failed to get past his Test best of 153. I do hope so! Inshallah he will!
yoyo looking good? seems like they want to take singles and yoyo seems quick as well accoridng ot commentators
Balaji looking dangerous! Patience is required from Yoyo and Younis!
Balaji lookng dangerous! Patience is required from Yoyo and Younis!

ya Raz they have to play out the new ball. the pitch is still very easy to bat on. if they will pass 30 min then INSHALLAH we will get big score
What a shot from Yoyo. First boundary to him!
Mc Grath : " Inzy is usually sleeping in first 15 minutes of his innings. Get him out in that time. Once he wakes up...u will find it hard to get his wicket! "
Balaji proly listened to him.
2 runs to finish the over. First real bad ball from Balaji.
We need at least another 200 runs on the board. Anything after that will be a bonus!
is the pitch on day 2 similar to day one..

what did the commentators say during pitch report?
4 to finish the over. Another good shot from Yoyo. Looking very good out there!
ali kc said:
is the pitch on day 2 similar to day one..

what did the commentators say during pitch report?

they shaved off some grass. Its gonna grip and spin later on
ali kc said:
is the pitch on day 2 similar to day one..

what did the commentators say during pitch report?

Rameez said that its still a batting paradise! Not much change from Day 1.
well played YK!

now go on to make a double!


coming along nicely these two.

Stick around until lunch fellas!
Pathan no longer worrying Youhana.

Somethings definitely wrong with him :eek:D
relax Raz, just a likkle joke!! well him and sehwag ohh and Kumble..

doesnt matter at lunch, at end of the day we should be looking at 600+ and declaration..
It really was an exceptional delivery to get Inzi out. Especially, since it was the first delivery of the day to Inzi.

Quite impressed with Balaji.
What the HELLLL!!

Indians trying to hit YK with the ball. Targetting him instead of stumps, YK not happy at all !!This is Insanity
Relax Octavian

just joking..... Pathan did apologize but he shouldnt do it again - who knows what YK will do ? Probably throw the ball back at him !!
MIG.. did u see Balaji's throw ???? Directed sstraight at YK he was way away for stumps!
Intention are clear from Pakistan. They are going after Kumble. Great sight ,, kumble about to break into tears.
Kumble getting smashed in this over! Not a good start from him.
14 from his over .... the biggest mistake every to be made agaisnt him or warne is to go in a shell ... and it is clear that we won't be doing that today ... well hopefully
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