Bangladesh v New Zealand | 5th ODI | Dhaka | 17/10/10


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Aug 26, 2010
Well, Bangladesh just in a corner to make a history Today..

The Question is, Can they Beat NZ today and win the series 4 - 0 against NZ.

They Certainly can do this as Its gonna be another Sunny and Hot Day in the Business. And NZ never feels good while Playing Hot Conditions in Sub-continent countries.

On the Other Hand, Bangladeshi Spinners Doing great job Altogether but NZ batting is Helping them to be succeed..

Lets hope for a cracker of a Match, As Bangladesh would like to win 4-0 to white wash NZ as if they can do it, it will be first time for them to beat one of the top 6 ODI Ranked Team for 4 successive times..

And NZ will fight for their Pride.
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Nah, our pride is already gone. We're just fighting to avoid hitting absolute rock bottom now.

Sorry to Say.. and Don't take it personally as I wanna say Your Username Really Sucks...
Hey man common he's still a youngster

He's still really great to watch and it always hurts when he fails playing a stupid shot. But still one of my favourite Bangladesh players and one of the most beautiful batsmen.
I think Ashraful sometimes gets a bit of unfair stick. Yes he's horribly inconsistent and it's actually a good thing he's been dropped for the time being--but he gets unfair criticism at times, he may have been very irresponsible with his shots but he's got plenty of time to address those issues, InshaAllah.

After all the lad is still young and can improve. From Tamim Iqbal's interview a few months ago in England I had the impression that Ashraful has a very nervy and jumpy temperament, prompting him to play silly shots at the wrong times. InshaAllah I hope the lad can improve because he's fun to watch when he gets going`
I don't wanna debate about Ashraful Here.. I am sorry for saying something wrong as it was my personal view. He is talented no doubts, But a total waste. Anyways, he still can at least 5-8more yrs for Bangladesh.. But, To me, Tamim, Sakib, Has surpassed his Talent and become better International cricket Players.

BTW I am not following todays match... Whats the score now??
slog sweep by Saqib first i thought 6 then i thought 4 in the end it was 2 runs
Listen Bro, I don'y any problems with any of the Bangladeshi Players.

I personally like them All because, they are Bangladeshis.

You know why Ashraful is the Biggest fail and Waste of Talent in World Cricket??? Because, Unnecessarily People Compared him with Great Sachin at his Tender Age. And thats where he has been infected by Self-satisfaction. Which is good enough to destroy a Player Career or people from any other field. As long as you hungry to get success, you will get success.. Thats what Sachin doing. Sachin playing the game when Ashraful did not even born, Still he is scoring big big Runs every times he comes to the crease, And thats he has the desire to get success. Which Ashraful has lost too early in his career.

That's fair enough. Nobody would doubt that guys like Tamim and Shakib have made much better use of their talennt.

Btw Mushfiqur Rahim's tumble was hilarious, tiny batsman colliding with th hulking Bennett...
I can remember what Whatmore said about Musfiqur Rahim, He said, Musfiq may be 16, but his head is as matured as 30yrs old guy.. But I think, He is becoming baby by mind day by day.. LOL
Rubel removes both Mccullum and Ryder in his first over

10/2 after 2 over
A record new all time low score about to emerge?
This was out.

Aleem Dar denied Bangladesh two wickets. Both should have been given out. :(
New zealand tottering here. :O Anybody seeing the match live? Is Bangladesh playing superbly or the Kiwis playing bad cricket?
Kiwis have been shocking in this series and Bangla may indeed be on for a 4-0 sweep here!
nz in deep trouble here. i once again will repeat that the 4 asian teams will give the other teams like aus, sa,nz, eng and wi i hard time in the world cup.
Looks an easy win for NZ if they dont lose wickets anymore and keep scoring slowly.