England v Pakistan | Third Test | Day 1 : Session 3 | The Oval | 18/08/10

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Batting looks great to bat, Pak need to get them out quickly and bat today. So by tomorrow morning ball will not swing that much. Otherwise Pak is in deep trouble.
bowling looking lazy at the end of this session. got to get them out before 200
the bowlers need a kick on the backside, were rubbish in the 2nd session...I'd continue with Aamer and perrhaps Wahab from the other end.
How they are going to get them out, broad and prior especially i think they will make 300 atleast
The most PAthetic bowler in this session was Ajmal

Aamer , asif and wahab were fine
Seems like they've picked up Ajmal's bowling now. No wonder since Mushtaq is their coach. Perhaps we could have introduced Raza Hasan here?

Novelty factor.
which players are fasting, if any? I completely understand if they are not, just curious.

I know Ajmal is not, because i saw him drinking water.
First session belonged to us. Second session was their's, no doubt. Now we have no choice but to own the third session or else it will be very, very difficult for us.
salman but shouldn't let amir bowl before tea. now that he bowls enough overs to be tired, asif or wahab will be opening the bowling after tea.
I must admit, before the match was adamant that Tanvir Ahmed should play and not Wahab Riaz. I was surprised by Wahab Riaz's performance today as I am sure everyone else was too.
all hopes rest on this session and then moyo. riaz has stood up. moyo with his record against england and talent and pitch and weather and england bowling, got to make a 100
@cricinfo: comments
Rather surprisingly," notes Scott Smith, "this partnership needs only 19 more to become England's highest-ever for the eighth wicket against Pakistan." I guess it's less surprising when you consider how Wasim and Waqar used to treat eighth-wicket stands. And the rest of the lower-order for that matter
we did the same thing to them, Ajmal & Zulqarnain

but really, we do need a breakthrough
Ajmal looking rubbish ... not good to continue wid him Asif should ball now
Sun shining, perfect batting conditions. We need to be aggressive here.
i can feel how pak fans hates broad and he is the one who is taking our bowlers on.
Been busy today, finally got a chance to take in the cricket. looks like a horrendous performance (94/7, simply embarassing and unacceptable) has turned itself around a bit. Prior has proven his quality again, and Broad looks genuinely capable with the bat for the first time in several, um, series! just emphasises the strength in depth in our batting lineup. 300 would be greedy, but 250 is something to bowl at.
Maulana looking fit running after the ball ... I'm desperately trying to be positive here.
damn damn damn

ruined all the good work they did this morning

70 for 7 to this
Ajmal is helping them settle. Butt needs to replace him with Asif or Aamer.
Abb to Roza be lagney lag gaya hai.

100 run partnership. this sucks
Only we can give the opposition such a position after 70/5 and 90odd/7

Same old story...and we'll make this look like a Headingley pitch when we bat
What can be done to break this partnership dudes... should they try a part time bowler,

azhar, farhat.. ?
Ajmal should be hel responsible here, he was expected to take wickets.
I gotta feeling centuries are coming for either or both of these guys....
First off all great bowling by our bowlers, once again they proved that PAK is a force to be reckon with by their bowling. wahab was awsome today, great bowling and others were good too. now the reason braod n prior still batting is becoz the sun is out and this pitch is totally flat now and ideal for batting so thts why harami broad still hanging out their. now we should try and close their innings asap by 200 runs or so then bat n try to score some heavy runs. a 150-250 lead should be good and since its a btting track hope moyo n hameed gets a ton here.
Need to break this partnership, we have almost lost all the early advantage
I change my 280 estimate to 380. An innings defeat looms ..........seriously we have missed the chance BIG time. 94-7 and now 194-7. And plenty to add. This is not disastrous uintil you realise we have the worst batting line in world cricket. The thought of Farhat, Hameed, Azhar, and Junior Akmal on this track fills me with dread. And our 2 proper batsmens are out of nick (Moyo and Butt).
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