England v S Africa | World T20 Super8 | Trent Bridge | 11/6/09


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Jun 27, 2003
Due to start in 30 mins time.

Should be a great game esp if the England that beat Pakistan turn up today!
Don't know who to back. My hatred of the overhyped English Cricket team or the favourites SA. Normally I always back the underdogs but.....
My hatred for english team surpasses everything. I hope they get a whipping of a lifetime
Come on guys - you've got Brother Mushy on the field throwing balls at Swann...Adil Rashid & Shah; Ravinder Bopara etc etc.

Lets have some love to towards the English :)
England win the toss - will bat first

Unchanged form the team that tonked Pakistan on Sunday
I feel a thrashing for England coming on...i dont see SA flopping twice in a row.
If Pieterson scores it'll be some what of a game...otherwise it'll be an anti-climax.
First ball from Steyn to Bopara.

On leg stump. Clipped for 2.
I hope england get smashed to bits today i really do, we just played really badly against them and made them look good...now they think theyre the best team out there i mean j ust listen to their commentators. I really hope SA show england to be the very very ordinary side that they are...come on SA!!
two slips. these guys back their bowlers and mean business!
Decent first over.

Slower ball last ball.

Bopara edges it onto stumps for 2.
Kevin Pietersen strides in!

He was born in S Africa you know??
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Huge appeal by Parnell for caught behind

Not out!
wright swinging all over, finally edges one to boucher
4-2 after 1.5, already a disastrous start and only 11 balls in
Wright fails this time around against a class bowling attack ... Parnell persisted with a good line just outside the off stump and is rewarded!
KP smacks 2 boundaries off Steyn - who has lost his run up.

need to get kp out here as soon as they can, this guy looks in brilliant form
Great ball - strikes KP on the pads - looked very close!
Oxy said:
Great ball - strikes KP on the pads - looked very close!

just going over the stumps according to hawkeye...good decision in the end
Wright is a glorified slogger. He will always fail against a decent bowling attack.

Pieterson and Bopara are their class batsmen, although Ravi looks out of form. Shah is good on his day though. Regressed a little bit over the last few months when it seemed as though his big chance had come.
2 runs in 2 overs from parnell...great bowling from him, kallis into the attack now
England have a very long tail KP needs to deliver if they want a decent total.
england only going at 5 an over but pieterson is looking dangerous at the moment
shaun3 said:
kallis bowling at 91.2??!!

If Hopes can bowl 91.3 then why can't Kallis bowl 91.2 :D

Seriously though, there speed guns have been messing up a few times.
Wicket maiden for Morkel.

25-3 after 6 overs.

Low score for first 6 overs.
Referral for run out.

Is Shah gone?

It's close.

I reckon Shah will be not out.
run out appeal against shah...great sharp fielding and looks out.....3rd umpire gives it not out though benefit of the doubt it was too tight
The slow replys on the run outs are very poor by espn. I am sure they can be split down by another frame.
brilliant fielding on the boundary yet again...its brilliant just to watch SA fielding
Even if England go at 10 runs per over from now, they will get only 150
srh said:
Owais Shah a T20 player?

Cant blame shah. This is the reason why people have a go at malik too. When you are 3 down within 6 overs its hard to play your shots. Singles are the only option until the death overs.
poor full toss from botha smacked into the stands by shah...that was poor releasing a little bit of pressure on england
Owais Shah batting with the same gusto he was singing the National Anthem!
I'm not watching the game, but why aren't there more singles?

10.4 Botha to Shah, no run, defended on the front foot

...though you really can't blame England too much. Quality bowling here