India v Pakistan,Blind T20 WC Final,13th December,Bangalore

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Feb 7, 2010
currently in progress

India 80/3 after 8

so good to see these guys:)
Did you know?

In Blind Cricket every run scored by the Batsman, one more is added. As a result, a hit to the boundary will be counted as eight and a sixer as 12...!!

The players are classified into three categories - totally blind
as B1, partially blind as B2 and with partial vision B3. Each team of 11 members comprises four blind (B1), three partially blind (B2) and four with partial vision (B3). The wicketkeeper is a B3 player.
keep updating the scores bro, no ones showing in Pak. can't find a stream either
next innings starts in half an hour

tried googling,but no link:(
yep,Pak favourites.I am hoping they do as well in WC against India as main Pak team

Main team sucks. Our uner 19 beat India. our women and handicapped and blind teams did it. Its only the main team that cant handle the pressure.
Akram on fire,same guy who made that record

unbeaten in tourney so far:bow:
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