India vs England | 3rd Test | Kolkota| 09/12/12 | Day 5

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Feb 11, 2012
Show must go on.

First thing first great achievement by Indian tailenders not to surrender meekly and make England try hard for wickets.

Things to look for -

Ashwin Century

Ojha highest score in tests

around 100 lead

Few quick wickets of England.




wishful thinking

To go from 86 for none to 239/9 is simply not good enough in home conditions. It is inexcusable. Swann (arguably the best English spinner since Derek Underwood) bowled well but this English attack is decent rather than menacing

England on the verge of creating history. should win by 9 or 10 wickets
Surely will be over within an hour.
Wont' take long for England to win. Will be useless for me to wake up for this.. 3.30 am is ridiculous! & good luck Ashwin. Hoping he makes his ton and then England get his wicket.
Easy win for England. It will be good if Ashwin makes a century and our bowlers pick 2-3 wickets.
So England cant lose the series now, great chance of winning the series.
Hats off to Ashwin. Fighting hard even when the team is down and out. That's the sort of guys every team needs. You never know with cricket any thing is possible.
Lets wrap this game up quick so I can watch the Pacman in action. Positive things to take from this test Dhoni's resignation as our test captain gets closer and also Sachin might call it a day anytime now.
So frustrating. I don't want to have to bat for 80-100.
Trott gone now.

One more, then Bell comes who usually bottles it in these situations.
"It might be game plan by England that Cook got out cheaply, so that they take the "law of averages" out of equation for the next match" Either that, Arafat, or they want to soften the blow a little for India so that they can stay on with their habit of hanging on to crumbs of comfort and not change their attitude


INDIA Is gonna looooooooooooooooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Best strategy is to slog it out.
Surely 7 wickets will get 30 runs
What are you laughing at? Your team is about to go 2-1 down in a home test series against a side that has a very bad reputation in the subcontinent.

lol why are you so angry?
It is indeed funny.
England collapsing while chasing 40 runs
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