India vs Pakistan | 1st T20I | Bangalore | 25/12/12 | Pakistan Innings

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Oct 3, 2009
So 134 is the target set to be chased in 20 overs.
Run rate dropped like a rock!!!!!! :))



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Pakistan starting the chase already one down, don't see Hafeez lasting the man crumbles when under pressure.
History has been made...India playing with 0 bowlers today. That got to be 1st time ever.
I mean India has only 1 bowler (per se) - Ashwin, and he was left out.
Good stuff guys. I am running short of beer.
Hafeez ideally shouldn't be opening. No confidence in him facing the new ball. If we don't lose early wickets, get to about 70 with no more than 3 down max, we should easily chase it down, also taking into account dew factor.
Hafeez not playing as an opener.... WOW ok i like hafeez bcz of this decision... OUr opening we wanted... and jamsheed gets off the mark.
This is the best opportunity for Pakistan to register a win. Small target , poor bowlers.
Nasir Miandad cleaned up by a 70mph trundler.
Jamshed looked all at sea in that over
Bhuvi starts well, still need a herculean effort from all the bowlers to bowl out Pakistan.
Good ball. Forget about the lack of pace, Jamshed was completely deceived by the inswing movement.
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