My Woodworm & MB Malik Bat.

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Oct 5, 2010
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Here are my Woodworm and my MB malik bats.

My woodworm was bought 3-4 years ago from Boundary Sports by my brother and he absolutely loved it. I used to watch his matches and used to see him hit so many sixes with it etc. I got it off him last year and have started to use it this year approximately 3 months ago and it is one hell of a bat. The middle on it is electrifying and will go miles if hitten in the middle. The pickup is ultra light and is 2.9lb I think but it one hell of a bat. I need to replace the grip and that will be done soon. I bought the bat for £200.




My MB malik Gold was bought from Pakistan. I payed around £60 for this so just convert it into rupees. This bat isn't the best bat in the world and when I hit it from the middle it doesn't even go that far. I have knocked it in and oiled it but I don't know whats wrong. I think I need to knock in a bit more. Here are some pictures




Here are pictures of both bats together.

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yay i can see them now somehow
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Looks good mate!

When did you buy your MB Malik and how old is it ?

I bought the MB in August 2008. I'm thinking of buying a new bat but I only have a budget of £120. I am from the UK also. What can you suggest CD as your the man with all the knowledge;).

Also check out this guys youtube channel. He has almost all bat reviews:
Then I would say bat is finished and won't ping anymore.

Bhai, if you don't mind please give me few days and I know what you want and I will come with that.

Will look at it later.