New Zealand v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Wellington | 17/1/11 | Day 3 | Session 3

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Dec 22, 2009
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Younis gone.

:misbah and :shafiq at the crease. Still 70 behind.
Rubbish decision, wrong time to lose a wicket, New Zealand would have been on the defensive and it would have been the ideal time to take the attack to them

Very unlucky not to get a 100 was Younis Khan
A draw will be an awesome achievement now seeing as we're playing against 13 men.

Lost count of the number of decisions against us in this match alone.
I had a rant on umpiring yesterday I really cannot be asked today, this is absolutely pathetic, this decision could well change the match now, I hope it doesn't because these 2 were looking solid and could have got his century too as well as get that 200 run partnership you never know both Misbah and Younis could have taken us to end of play with just losing 1 wicket.

These decisions by umpires man what the hell are they playing at.
Hopefully Asad can play well and Misbah doesn't lose focus. Another fifty by Mr. Shafiq + some lower order scores can see us have a lead of 100+ easily.

Match is fast headed towards a draw though.
Asad Shafiq and Misbah need to go all out on these Kiwis (umpires included).

I want a 6 6 6 4 4 4 over by Misbah after tea.
umpires should be held accountable

they should be punished or reprimanded for idiot decisions

anyway...need to build the lead going into tomorrow
With so much unfair decisions by these blind as bat umpires, this better get followed up after the series, umpires should be punished and questioned, this is just completely wrong, what the hell do they think they are playing at, this is a cricket match and if they cannot umpire fairly then go back to country cricket, that is so unfair!!!
good thing it is against the kiwis so we can take a couple of those
I hope somebody hits a nice straight drive into the umpire's face.

I bet the local NZ umpires would be better
Worst umpiring.


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Hmm, the game is somewhat open now.

Due to the pace Pakistan are playing at, these 70 runs are quite far off and they'll face quite a few balls to get into a lead. I think Misbah becomes the real key. If NZ get rid of him within the first 1/2 hour or 40 mins after tea then they have a chance to run through the lower order.

Still, wicket is dead so hopefully Shafiq and the captain can repeat what they did at Hamilton.
if players get sacked for poor performances why don't umpires? there should be some sort of circulation among the "elite" panel
Someone has to put a little effort and count the total number of wrong decisions and then find out how many went against and in a favor of each side.
This is why it sucks not having a cricket board with any power or say with the ICC. Imagine if the umpires made these sort of errors regularly against India. They would end the umpire's career, or threaten to boycott the tour.
Moving on now...

I wanted a minimum of 150 partnership btwn Younis and Misbah they got 142 after the umpire decided to step but a great partnership.

I predicted 2 centuries from our top 6 batsman, again Younis was well set and so is Misbah so Misbah has to now punish the Kiwi's and I mean punish them, no sportsmanship at all from them at all. Come on Misbah up your gear and make your century.

Asad Shafiq should make atleast a 50 and then Akmal and the tail could contribute another 100 runs or so.

It is possible...
Someone has to put a little effort and count the total number of wrong decisions and then find out how many went against and in a favor of each side.

Whats the point wrong decisions are wrong decisions doesn't matter which side
well they missed one against taufeeq umar as well, when he was on about 30
Lol, just seen it.. straight off the pad - awful decision.
YK was set for a big one here. What the EFF are the umpires doing in an international test match. 2 out of 4 wickets were given out wrongly.
well they missed one against taufeeq umar as well, when he was on about 30
And they gave Hafeez out wrongly.

And there's 3 decisions in the first innings which would've reduced NZ total by about 75ish atleast
its like playing against west indies in west indies in 2000 or against india in india before neutral umpires came. cricket will be ridiculed if icc doesnt do anything about it.
I'm still sticking to my prediction make a minimum of atleast 430, anything above that would be great 500+ is still a big possibility too, we have a good tail who can all contribute and make 30s and 40s.
70 behind. 72 avg for Asad.

Should get a two run lead. :D
Legendary comment on CI:

"If you want an argument in favour of the review system, put Harper on the field; if you want an argument against the system, put Harper in the third umpire's booth."
By simon barnes
Captain taking initiative for a poor dismissal, he will avenge Younis Khans dismissal :)
NZ PM is such a twit for liking T20's over Tests.
Cmon Asad, take Vettori to the cleaners

Make him wish he recalled YK
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