Pakistan v South Africa l 2nd Test | Dubai | 23/10/13 | Day 1

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This game is all but over I reckon our batting won't post more than 300 second time around.
If they get a lead of 200 the its game over for us. Too compete with that lead we will have to make atleast 400
What I don't get about our batters is that we can't play swing or seam and the myth that we are good at spin is more associated with the other Asian teams rather than us
Pakistan surely have no chance of comeback from, this situation, Even draw is not possible because of amount of time left
Now it is Possible
not More than 150 Lead for South africa

Pakistan score 350 plus in 2nd inning

200 Target on this Pitch not bad at all
Day and most probably the game also belongs to SA, Pakistan are done in this game
We missed Zulfi in those middle overs man cost us some runs and maybe a wicket or two.

We've bowled well but haven't been lucky so far. Tomorrow with a bit of luck we can keep SA to a 100 run lead
I predict that Pakistan will make a dramatic comeback in this test tomorrow.

MAtch is beyond Pakistan, SA are off to a very good start, lead by 29 with 3 genuine batsman still to come, Pakistan are looking at a deficit of atleast 100-150 if they bowl well, and if they dont bowl well an innings defeat is looming
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