South Africa vs India | 1st Test | Day 3 Discussion | Johannesburg | 20/12/2013

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South Africa will resume their 1st innings at 213/6, trailing by 67 runs.

How much will South Africa make in the 1st innings?

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I didn't expect this fightback from India. I expect SA to get another 100 more.
Match is on a knife's edge,it is imperative for india to bowl the south african tail before they do too much damage.
Kohli and pujara are absolutely critical to our chances here!
The Japie tail is pretty decent. You'd have to think they could get at least 40-50 runs. If Zippy is there to guide them they might add a bit more. Zippy hasn't been in the best of form though. It's a day that could define the Test, and the series.
I think they fall 10-15 runs short of India's total. New ball would be important when India comes to bat.
Dhawan simply has to get going this innings,u can't expect kohli to bail u out all the time,and though pujara can hold one end up,he doesn't score quickly enough to take the game away from SA.
Sharma is bowling like :holding pace like fiyah as Sunny claims, will be hard for South Africa to post a lead. I have a feeling India will win this test match, they are clearly on top at the moment.
I just hope , FAf and Veron make sure SA bat once.
play rahane for Vijay and add jadeja in the squad,killer combo even on Sa decks jaddu can take a few
I think it's a pretty decent Test match so far, for a neutral that is. Both teams are definitely in it after day 2, and that's how it should be. I have a feeling SA will come up with a slim first innings lead, and India will have to bat better in the second innings as you wouldn't back on the SA top order failing twice. Chance for reputations to be made, and broken!
Saf will get about 300 . I do not see us getting 200 in 3rd innings on this pitch .
Good comeback by SA. now they just need to knock off these 60 odd runs and they'ill be back in the game.
I expect India to take a 20 run lead. The pace bowlers will be fresh and run making will not be so easy for the Saffers as it was during the late evening. South African bowlers will be pumped up if they end up conceding a lead, and Indian batsmen will have to play better than they did in the first innings to ensure that they give the Saffers some thing to chase at. 250 fourth innings target would be exciting.
Why is Dhoni keeping to Ishant without a helmet?
Hate to say this but catches win matches and 2 crucial catches dropped by India of Graeme Smith and Du Plesis may have cost India the game here...
Vernon philander is more likely to end up with a higher batting average than that of Faf Zip Plessis by the end of his career
Hate to say this but catches win matches and 2 crucial catches dropped by India of Graeme Smith and Du Plesis may have cost India the game here...

yeah i saw the highlights.

Indian fielding has gone from good to worse in the last few months. Had those catches been held India would have been batting now with a 100+ lead
:out philander played great. now maybe fafa can remember that he is the batsmen not the tailender. philander has given him enough time to take the lead.
I reckon the Indians should bounce Steyn. He wouldn't be expecting it. Do what they don't expect.
you have almost 20k posts in 13 months !!!

ball is keeping low too besides seaming .

I know its doing alot... massive indippers too near the wicket crack.

:four but continuous defence isnt going to help the situation.

As for the 20000 posts. I dont do facebook. :p
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lol crowd is getting worse and worse in this test match. Cricket really needs to globalize otherwise the sport will become minor in 10 years.
:out ishant gets a 4fer. what a bounce... better attack now and reduce the deficit fafa.
Pitch is a difficult one with the sideways movement and wildly variable bounce, 2nd innings is gonna be a wicketfest and who knows which team will come out intact on the other side! I'll personally back India as they are the underdogs. Great match.
Cracks near off stump could make Steyn unplayable in second innings. Away swingers coupled with hit-the-crack incoming ones at pace could be a real handful for our FTBs.
Indian look like they're going to come out with a slim lead
morkel pulls... if irfan learns the pull shot then he can be a fine lower order batsmen.
Faf should get some quick runs here - he is not doing any good by blocking too much.
Game could be over today, who knows. No predictable bounce on this pitch and India could fold for 100 or 150.
Even 200 in the last innings is gonna be tough here! Wish Kohli and Pujara can muster a couple of 50s..
This shows how terrible Pakistani batsmen are. Kohli and co have much more ability than Pakistani youngsters.
So do we rate Faf or not? Bottled it this morning, jury's still out IMO.
India may take a bit more lead than I anticipated. These little extra leads could be difference between win and loss now.
Kohli 's knock seems priceless now . I wonder where the trolls who were dismissing it as a flat track ordinary effort .
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