Sri Lanka vs Pakistan | 3rd Test | Pallekele | 07/10/12 | Day 3

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Our seamers are actually getting half chances and beating the outside edge consistently, I won't blame Misbah for not putting spin in there that quickly.
Rain returns. Might be good news for Pakistan.
Having seen the match so far but from what i have heard from cricinfo and commentators that Pakistan have bowled well but been unlucky...

you pitch it up you get nicks you bowl shortish there will be play and missis this has always been a basic on a seaming track. Short of length will look good to the eye but wickets come when you are willing to get driven for fours the length from all three seamers has been very poor hence we see this score.
Ajmal finally gets one. Need one mighty collpase from the Lankans and us batting well for any chance of winning...
I thought that was Sanga...

smaraweera is an excellent test batsmen i think we ruin his chance to become one of the best when he receive a bullet on the attack on the bus you don't remeber he score 2 doubvle century in a row vs us
Nisarg: "Perfectly timed wicket. Not for the sake of Pakistan but for the sake of this match."

Loosing Adnan turned the match into Sirilanka's direction.
when there is only need to bowl simply straight and full...Sami has been disappointing with this short and erratic stuff
Guided to gully. Just shows how unlucky Junaid was not to get anything more this morning, that was a pretty harmless ball.
Hopefully a big collapse on now.

Good bowling by Junaid.
Only if we had a decent fast bowler supporting Junaid from the other end....
Bit of come back this from Pakistan. Good stuff, need to get Piranha 3D out now. :yk
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