Sri Lanka vs Pakistan | 3rd Test | Pallekele | 07/10/12 | Day 3

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why take sami off. uffff misbah going back to lully... who has been the most ineffective bowler over the last 1 year. give sami a chance while ball is stil
Pak bwlers just need 2 be patience. Wickets will cum just need to Asif here patience keep hiting good line and length.
Gul is pitching it in all the wrong areas to Samaraweera
Parna's inning has been uglier than Taufeeq's by a factor of 10
Gul is swinging it more but pitching it all wrong
how many balls have beaten the edge this morning...

how are these 2 still alive...
Should bring Sami on, Gul dosent look like getting a wicket



Umar Gul to Samaraweera, no run, good length in the channel outside off stump once again, Samraweera stays in his crease and pokes and is beaten once again


Umar Gul to Samaraweera, no run, good length outside off stump, Samaraweera fends from his crease and is beaten


Umar Gul to Paranavitana, no run, Gul's already sensing a wicket with Paranavitana playing like this, pushes it wide this time and Paranavitana goes for the drive, chasing that wide one, misses


Umar Gul to Paranavitana, no run, lovely bowling, on a good length in the channel, just a hint of away movement, draws him forward and prompts the poke, beaten

every over he looks like taking a wicket, what match are you watching?
wasim akram, if he has time, should teach junaid how to perfect his in-swinger
Sl has been lucky in the first hour Pak shouldnt loose focus but it always looks like a wicket is round the corner
Samaraweera lucky again that could have gone to the fielder easilly
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just woke up...was expecting 5 or 6 down by now with so much assistance for quick bowlers.....but why no results so far??
"Score hota hai sahi timing ke sath" Taufeeq Umar..which you don't have lol
Come on Pakistan !! just need one wicket and the big long tail would be exposed.
The partnership is creeping up silently in the midst of edges and misses. Not good for Pak.
Chisti Mujahid is such a boring commentator, I know, I know many of you have some sentimental value with him but still.
Good last ball. Sami looks like he can get a wicket if he keeps up with 2-3 good balls an over. Need to break this partnership
Good over from Sami. 108-3. Parana looks so clueless, it might be worth bringing Hafeez in against him. Samra is starting to look good though.
good finish needs to bowl there to Paranavithana..he is a serious LBW candidate but our bowlers keep on bowling him on wrong lines...Asif would have dismissed him four times by now.
Ajmal is not looking interested! These 2 lankan batsmen are batting well here. We need a wicket. Sami and Junaid should bowl together!
Really good spin but that was short and wide. Come on Ajmal you're better than this.
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