WT20 | Australia vs Pakistan | Group 2 | 23/03/14 | Mirpur | Australia Innings

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Looks to be a very horrible bowling performance. Why did Bailey give Finch a bowl?
they will come out all guns blazing, but I think we will keep them quiet
60-40 pakistan.

If afridis bowling form was good it would have been a certain victory.
Need to uncouple Finchy n and Davey early with the latter first
Just the start we needed, the boys are back!
I am still amazed that our spinners get us the wicket in the very first overs, always seems to me a gamble.
Dada and Harsha loving Umar sledging Watto
Reminds me of when Paksitan opened the bowling with Raza Hassan in the last WT20 encounter against the aussies in 2012
Love Umar celebrating against Watto

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Babbar takes more wickets in first over than Junaid took in 36 overs
Babr you youngsta beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
They are not showing respect to BABAR and are trying to smash him out of the park.

We were always told to welcome the incoming batsmen in when playing junior cricket. Just saw Umar doing the same and also encouraging Shane Watson as he walked in!

Whatever junior said, seems like it worked
It seems Pak made 191/6 in the WC SF, same as here today. time to correct the record today. another :out
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