5th day (1st Test Mohail) discussion and score thread [12/03/05]

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Dec 1, 2004
Pakistan 263-6 currently. Play has begun.
Ive opened this one as the other one is locked!
Akmal and Razzak looking solid, nice boundary by Akmal. Bear down boys!
286-6 Pakistan.

Cagey shot by Razzaq there!
They need to keep each other going and fight fight fight!
There isnt the need to try anything off Kumble. Razzaq knows that and is playing ball on its merits. Good cricket from Razzaq.
Maiden from Kumble. Razzaq blocked all 6 deliveries out!
Exactly, nothing crazy, Razzak needs to curb his natural instincts
akmal to face kkumbli, cant remember what he is like against spin..or pace given kumble
New ball taken straight away. this spell from Kalaji and Pathan will decide the outcome here.
Yeah definately. Well played over by Razzaq. This next one will be key. It will give some of idea as to how Balaji is bowling. Kamran needs to be vigilant, very vigilant
2 to Kamran thru covers. What an absorbing contest. Tet cricket at its best!!
have a bottle or glass of water close to you Raz.

Pathan not swinging it as much as Kalaji
Im worried about Balaji! Hes bowling soooooooooooooooooo well out there!
you guys watching it..I dread every time Dawn freezes till the update..
281-6. If we can see Balaji and Pathan off then we will have every chance to draw or even win!
Balaji is bowling well but not unplayable by any means. As shown by Inzi and YoYo yesterday. Both these stapmed their authority and class on him

We need more of Inzi's class. we need to find those batsmen in our domestic cricket. But then again, If it was for our selectors, such a class act like Inzi would never have played cricket for Pak.

It was great Imran Khan to discovered him.

It is the same commentry on both sites...dunno who is copying who..
Interesting that Akmal is playing the new ball better than the openers
one of teh bhindian commentators just said that the umpires have been very good this match ....
Salam every1 mashallah so far tese 2 have made it worthwhile waking up...lets hope they bat till lunc n beyond inshallah
Very close there! Luck to get away with that Kamran!
I think that the Indians showed up expecting Pakistan to roll over
damn website..just updated the totals..well done razzler/akmal..so far..
MASHALLAH they are playing very well. I think Abdul Razzaq shd play his natural strokes like Kami is doing. Abdul is bogged down now.
yesterday kaneria said a lead of 200 cud get pakistan a chance to even win specially with his great bowling on a turnin pitch
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