England v India | 5th ODI | Headingley | [2/9/07]

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England lead series 3-1 and just need to win one of the remaining 3 games left to clinch the series. Anderson, Broad, Bopara and Ian bell have all been impressive for england thus far in series and will hope to continue that form in leeds today.

Game starts 1015am Uk time.
India going along very nicely..

66/0 (12.3)
The wicket is placid, baffles me why people bowl first just because they think they'll be some early movement. England are paying for it now.

67/0 off 13 overs
Tendulkar skies one, and Monty can't reach it.. Tendulkar very very lucky..

Tendulkar going nuts, now skies a pull for 2 more runs.. this is entertaining!

Tendulkar takes a single and steals the strike.

74/0 (14)
WHAT a shot by Sachin Tendulkar, goes up on his toes, and drives it off the backfoot through extra cover.

Tendulkar lofts the ball over midwicket for 4.. and brings up his 82nd 50 in ODI's..

This is vintage Tendulkar, he now smashes the ball down the ground, it went all along the ground..

88/0, mesmerizing to watch.
the best innings of Tendu so far in the tour!!! full of confidence
Tendulkar sweeps Collingwood very fine for 4, cheeky shot

And another sweep, this one was a lot of squarer, but same result!

Tendulkar smashes Lewis over midwicket for 4, and Gavaskar has an orgasm.. :D

104/0 (18)
Tendulkar straight drives for 4, great shot!!

Tendulkar gone, caught behind. Lewis gets the wicket.

That was an amazing innings, gone for 71 off 59 balls.
Ganguly absolutely smashes the ball over square leg for 6, that came out of nowhere!

133/1 (23.1)
Gambhir hits back to back 4's, one through point, and one down the ground over mid on!

144/1 (25)
They should have brought Monty on, he hasn't bowled an over yet even!
148/1 (26)

Gambhir steers it down to 3rd man.. for 4
Ganguly holes out at midwicket off Monty! Out for 59.

150/2, Monty strikes with his 3rd ball.
252/3 off 43 overs. Yuvraj and Dhoni could destroy England in these final overs.
Dravid run out. trying to take a single but Prior collected the ball and hit the stumps
Ind 318-6 after 49.3 overs
Eng 1-0 after 1 over
Bopara has gone for X-Ray to get his thumb checked. No news if he will bat or not
Catch dropped.....PRIOR :16:

Indian fielding :))) on its flow..

None holding the ball in first attempt
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Prior 26 - Bell 21
Eng 55-1 after 9 overs - need 270 more to win
Ind was 50-0
prior gone... poor attempt..
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Pietersen out ct behind off Zaheer
Eng 102-3 after 15 overs. need 223 to win with 6 wickets remaining (no Bopara)
BELL RANG..... Good keeping by dhoni..

another wicket falls...India back on track
That was a good catch by Dhoni. has all 4 dissmisals in the match.
Owais Shah the next batsman
Eng 104-4 after 16 overs
Chawla in to bowl
rain and players going off the field
Eng 105-4 after 16.3 overs
Ind is about 40 runs ahead on D/L
minumum 4 more overs have to be completed for D/L r8..????
match resumes
Eng 106-4
need 205 to win from 28 overs by D/L. required RR 7.3
Great to see the resurgence of Saurav Ganguly.

many people thought his career was all but over, atleast as a consistently contributing player in the Indian team.

But he's proven them wrong, great to see him and Tendu having good games.
tmac4real said:
Great to see the resurgence of Saurav Ganguly.

many people thought his career was all but over, atleast as a consistently contributing player in the Indian team.

But he's proven them wrong, great to see him and Tendu having good games.

Razzaq should learn this from Sourav instead of doing a CRY BABY
Shaw gone.............

Dhoni got his 5th dismissal in this match...all the 5 wickets so far...
Bopara having a serious injury on thump. still he is batting. I don't understand the logic, is this World Cup final? or atleast a series decider?
collingwood with 2 sixes off Tendu
Eng 168-5 after 29 overs - need 143 to win from 96 balls (16 overs)
Ind was 158-2
discussion between players and umpire about ball change. The ball hit some part of stand and there is a scar. I think the Indian team want to play with the same ball but umpire says No

a 4 and 6 by collingwood off Tendu again

Eng 185-5 - need 126 from 88 balls
bopara gone..... simple return catch to powar

poor shot by bopara
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Bopara out. easy ct & b ffor Powar
Eng 193-6 - need 118 off 78 balls
broad too gone........

Its not ur day man........
Eng 205-7 after 34 overs. after need 106 from 66 balls @ over 9 an over
catch miss no3 by agarkar..

simple catch went to boundary
Atherton: What is the football team you follow
Shastri: (after a little pause) Chelsea
Atherton: Is it a recent thing because they are winning now
Shastri: (no pause) Yes :)

Agarkar drops Lewis and ball goes to four

Eng needs 95 in 10 overs
Bumper prize waits Robin singh when he comes back to india :16:
6th dismissal by dhoni... onto record book along with few

lewis gone
Looks very hard from here. But COlly is still there so you never know.
rain and players going off the field
Eng 242-8 - Eng needs 69 from 36 balls (6 overs)
MIB said:
good for england??? how??
Well, IMO less runs, so may be easer. I know they lose overs too, but the lesser runs, the better.
since they lossed 8 wickets the revised asking run rate will be a himalayan

for example may be 50 runs in 1 or 2 overs like that

i think match result may get announced in indians favour without further play
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