England vs India | 3rd Test | Birmingham | Aug 10-14 | Day 3

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Jan 6, 2010
So Will India fight it out or the match will end today?
Today could be the day when England conquers India, again.

How symbolic given tomorrow is 14th August.
A similar Indian side did save a similar match statistically two years ago when they batted two days and a session in the third innings. That, however, was played on a road at McLean Park in sunny Napier. Flat track or no, it takes huge discipline to bat 643 minutes for just 137 runs in the second innings. Gambhir did that back then. It will take much more skill, discipline, patience, luck, etc. here. An infinitely more imaginable scenario is England making those nine strikes that stand between them and the No. 1 ranking

Don't think so Indians will be able to save this one.
I can't see India lasting the day. I hope they put up a fight though.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man!! Tendy on!!
Tendy needs to realise that he needs to be batting till tomorrow
Inside edge.

Teenda could have been out 3/4 of those balls :))
Ishant "Teeli" Sharma averaging 54.30 with the ball in this series, LEGEND
Tendulkar nearly dragged it on, off the mark with a single
Anderson needs some more wickets, he is the head of this attack and has to lead them
Teenda will be shaking in his pants now that Dravid has gone.
Hotspot showing nothing again.

Dravid walked of. There was a sound.

This just shows. Hawk Eye > Hot Spot.
Tendulkar has 14816 runs at the moment ........... can he get 15 k runs in this series?????????
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