India v Australia | 5th ODI | Vadodara | 11/10/07

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Mar 21, 2007
India win the toss and elect to bat first.

Let the fun begin :D
Ganguly run out.... India lose theit first wicket 5 for 1
and the selfish tendulkar shines again ... and another one.. uh ohh
Second wicket down. Dravid LBW.... :(
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Fleming said there is more life on Mars than on this
Yuvraj caught behind.....and more trouble

12/3 India and maybe time to go to bed :|
I just feel like laughing, now..... :O :))
Plasma..your avatar says it all
tdigi said:
I just feel like laughing, now..... :O :))

lol damn mate i feel for you, if that was pakistan I would shut the TV and get on MSN or watch an Arsenal game

Utthappa goooooooone . Superb bowling or terrible batting.. I think both!
Aleem Dar is umpiring today... prolly replacing Suresh Shastri :))
Up goes the finger...Dhoni caught behind. India 43/5
Dhoni gone

43 for 5

India being abliterated here
This reminds me how the Indian batting used to collapse when facing the mighty Windies of the eighties.
Rameez Raja ---> "India's top order blown away by Austrailia's artistry and skill"

Well said
WasimG said:
I hope Sachin and Pathan put a partnership.

Well I think it's too late even for that. Unless both go on to make centuries at a 6+ run rate, India won't make it to 250. But what will most likely happen is that they get bowled out for around 100.
Duh ... Sachin is just not getting out and letting other batsman come in! utter selfishness ...
must be staying on for his century
Tendulkar doing what he does best and what he has done a million times in his career, single handedly fighting the opposition.

People who say he can't play under pressure, chokes, plays for himself, etc etc, take note.
Let him take his time to make a century. Runs needed badly.
Man I wish I could watch this. Cricinfo commentary says he's playing gorgeous shots. I hope his 400th match is a memorable one and he scores a century.
The ball is lost. A harder newer ball in play now. Ponting doesn't seem happy.
A close LBW appeal. Pathan a bit forward...
Am I the only idiot watching this game? :D
Asim2Good said:
Sachin will be out after scoring his fifty

Correction: Sachin will be out after scoring his 100 :14:
SR Tendulkar c Gilchrist b Lee 47 (73b 9x4 0x6) SR: 64.38
Correction: Sachin out before scoring his 50!!!!! :)))
Mighty Indians are on the song. Lets see what CRICINFO is going to pick for it headline?
Hi Hellopak...whats gonna be your headline?.... :21:
tdigi said:
Correction: Sachin out before scoring his 50!!!!! :)))

no worried, he fell short of 10-15 of my calculations :p
in these kind of situation, he normally goes around 50-60
there goes the ninth!! M Kartik c Gilchrist b Johnson 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
109/9 im going to guess a 9 wicket victory here...
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MIB said:
the only sad thing is Sachin got some runs :(
Why sad? Does show he is better than other Indian batsmen beside Gangully who got run out.

Plus it also highlight the fact that Sachin score when India lose.
WasimG said:
You're an avid Aussie supporter?

I am an Indian...

I am expecting an forced retirement on Sachin. But he scored something... :(
draexem said:
India inventing new ways to WASTE the new ball with H.Singh opening the attack.

not really, Bhajji is practicing fast bowling in nets now a days, we may see a "Punjab Express" in few months time.
Hayden's injury bothering him (strained hamstring), and R.Singh takes his wicket. On a more important note, I'd just like to say that this is why you have pacers take the new ball and leave dibbly dobbling spinners to the middle overs. Really Dhoni, it's not that difficult.
and Indian crowd had enough, from cricinfo

This is pathetic - some champions from the stands have cluttered one section of the ground with dozens of plastic water bottles. Needless, and a shame. The cops are taking action, and some ball boys are trying to mop up the mess. This is all down at fine leg. Laathis being wielded as the cops try to stop the unruly section. A hold-up in play, so drinks for the players.
Now crowd gets into the act. Throwing bottles on the field in frustration.

A rather poor performance from India today, none of their batsman looked threatening for too good Aussie attack. Excellent bowling from Mitchell Johnson who bagged his first five-for, his previous best was also against India at Kuala Lumpur. Tendulkar battled but got out to a beauty from Brett Lee. It started from initial overs when Sourav Ganguly was run out as he and his partner was ball-watching. Lack of cumminication indicated as if they both were batting together for the first time.

An absolute unmentioned name goes of Rahul Dravid who made a first ball duck to add to the dissaray of India. He will be under some kind of pressure to perform in the next few games.
Will they attempt to burn the stadium down? They havent had a good stadium burning incident in around 8 years now!!
ha ha what a loss....Indian fans have started about 20 20 again:) after jumping over the last victory for a couple of days
Pathan brothers awarded two Million today at his home ground during the presentation ceremony. Will they get over it? I think they need to move forward to let the players concenrate on other format of cricket. Still long time to go before Twenty20 becomes the regular feature (I hope it will be soon though). So, till then they need to give Test and ODI cricket its deserved importance.

Congratulations to Aussie for taking a massive lead in the series and congrats to Pathan brothers as well for becoming richer day by day.
India humiliated by Australia

Pakistan humiliated by South Africa

Maybe we can both humiliate each other next month, somehow.
Johnson and Gilchrist annihilated india. i jsut cant believe india coundt even put up a fight. total joke srsly.

anyways, lets hope they can win another game.
Atleast I got some sleep...thanks to the pathetic batting by the Indians
Mercenary said:
Will they attempt to burn the stadium down? They havent had a good stadium burning incident in around 8 years now!!
:)) :)) :))
"Outplayed" is an understatement. Absolute annihilation. Proved they are going to be invincible for another 10 years.
There are how many types of A** whipping? I should know. Bullying without substance glorifies the vast difference between the teams. There are more stored where it came from. Ready for the Australia - SL - India tri-series.
This 5-bowler theory has to go ! India can never out-bowl the aussies. The only chance that they have is in trying to out-bat them. Whats the point in having 5 bowlers when you give RP Singh, Irfan Pathan and Tendulkar same number of overs. The whole Indian attack has been pounded for over 5.5 throughout the series. How much worse can it get if we have say 8 batsmen in the team. One to one, I think Sehwag in batting is much better than Murali Karthik at bowling. Why have him sit back just because he is a batter. The time has now come to move out of the conventional strategies and surprise the aussies otherwise a couple of more losses are on the card.
Geez, what a caning. India failed to string two good games together again.
OZGOD said:
Geez, what a caning. India failed to string two good games together again.

Australia is way superior to India in areas like batting, bowling, fielding, fitness, running between wickets, mental toughness, aggression, positive gameplay. So 1-3 scoreline is a disasterous scoreline for AUstralia. Should have been 0-4. It required a shoddy bowling performance from OZ to earn India a narrow win.
Not quite what the Times of India was predicting, eh.

It's face-off time again
TNN / Lionel Rodricks
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VADODARA, October 10: Sachin Tendulkar didn't exactly have a sublime game in Chandigarh. Yet, a typically determined 79 helped India briefly halt the Australian juggernaut. As he enters the next match - his 400th - he would be aiming to do the same but with a little more style. He might be saying it is just another match, another number, but it isn't. It is a special one. Or at least his teammates would want it to be. A grand series-levelling victory would be the perfect gift to a player who has been on the field for 17 years and 297 days.

He and opening partner - another one in the firing one - Sourav Ganguly have already silenced (at least for now) all those seeking their heads. Their 91-run stand against a hostile Brett Lee on a juicy track showed the value of experience and maturity in a team full of bravado and words. They will have to roar again to give the attacking batsmen to follow a perfect launching pad. Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni and Robin Uthappa like to free their arms but are often handicapped after early collapses.

Luckily, Sachin's 400th is coming at one of his favourite venues. He has already scored three centuries on this small ground with a fast outfield. The team needs to aim for a 300-run total to defend against the marauding Aussies. The Indians are bowling well in parts but are struggling against the giants - Matthew Hayden at the start and Andrew Symonds at the end. They bowled well at the death and showed some grit and character too in the last game. They need to do the same, push the Aussies and see how they respond to it.

Ricky Ponting's men have shown signs of vulnerability in tight situations, not just in the last game but also in the Twenty20 World Cup. Quite often the all-conquering aura around them slips and gives way for fallibility. India need to exploit that. A second consecutive victory will switch the momentum and put all the pressure on Australia. A couple of early wickets will leave Australia with too much ground to cover. Hayden, however, has been in devastating form and came pretty close to scoring his sixth ODI century at Chandigarh. Symonds has also accumulated 258 runs, with a strike rate of over 100 and both remain the danger men. Michael Clarke has been in touch too while Ponting and Gilchrist are still just revving up.

India, meanwhile, will need to take a hard look at their bowling composition. But three left-arm seamers and a left-arm spinner might be a risky combination here. One will have to wait and see if India stick to the winning lineup or will make a bold change or two. Either ways, for once India will begin as slight favourites against Australia.

Can they optimise it and go for the kill?
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