India v Bangladesh | World T20 | Trent Bridge | 6/6/09

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Oct 11, 2008
With every match so far producing a scare if not a defeat for the favourites, how will this one pan out? the indian batting juggernaut might be a bit rusty as not many of them got a hit in the last match. Bangladesh cannot be taken lightly as India know from past experiences.

Just less than half an hour to go.
no excuses , there is no way this indian team is going to take bangla lightly ...if they loose , it will be only cos bangla wud have played better cricket than us !
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Any news on the weather? Shorter game would suit bangla.
I lwould LOVE to see Bangladesh beating India. Serves the guy right who lives in my compound. I told him Pakistan ain't playin much cricket then he says '' well that's there own fault ''. Love to see his face if India loose.
Match start time changed. Moved by 30 minutes and 6 pm start time according to cricinfo
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I think Bangladesh will give India a good game. Well I hope its a good game. Good luck to both teams especially Bangladesh.
I invoke the spirits of WC 2007.

Come on Bangladesh you can do it again !

I got another Ahahahahah thread waiting :p
Kashi786 said:
yes but it was such a strategy from the indians that turned things against us

Come on guys its only a cricket match :D
So we should keep our eyes closed when the other 20 players are in shot? :D
Can we keep this thread free from 'Politics'?
Ian Ward just mentioning that there are few tickets still available for the England v Pakistan game tomorrow at the Brit Oval. How much is a few?
Mortaza to get Gambhir out in first over...............
If Pak-Eng is on this ground then the pitch is right next to this one. on the right
Peacock umpiring
Mortaza to open the bowling.

First ball play and miss from Gambhir.
12thMan said:
If Pak-Eng is on this ground then the pitch is right next to this one. on the right
Peacock umpiring

Its 150 miles to the South of this pitch...
Gambhir off the mark with a cut for 4.

Too short from Mortaza.
Quick single taken by Gambhir.

Good running by these two.
BEautiful shot by Rohit, this is wxtremely short boundary.
Rubel Hossain to bowl.

Interesting to see how fast he bowls.
Rubel to bowl from the other end, let's see what he can do. I heard he bowls around 90 mph
Good bowling bby Rubel, good pace and also gets bounce.

Bowling arounf 88 mph.
The Indian batsmen look so confident out there.

Good over by Rubel though.
Only 5 runs in the first over by Rubel.

Good bowling.
Mortaza to continue.

Quick single taken.

Would have been in had it hit the stumps.
Mohsin said:
You didnt see the last game did you?

I did , but dint see a cover drive hit on the rise ,in that game ..not many batsmen are capable of doing that !
Rohit Sharma looks like he is in prime form.

Good shot but found the fielder.
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