New Zealand v Australia | First ODI | Napier | 03/03/10

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What is wrong with Watson. 42 off 26
Australia 54/1 after 7 overs
Australia looking at yet another 300ish score 4/158 after 29.3 overs.

Hussey and White at the crease.
what should be more than enough for the Aussies.

Johnson will rattle the kiwis
Good comeback by the Kiwis. Aussies looked set for 300 at one point.
And not a bad start by the kiwis too. McCullum has continued on his good form from the T20. NZ 1/77 after 12 overs.
The Hobbits are doing a Pakistan, 6/207 after 42 overs chasing 276 to win. Styris still there, can he bring them home with the bunnies?
NZ 248/8 after 46.4 overs - 27 needed from 20 balls.
Styris still at crease so Kiwis have a chance!
Styris hammers Harris for two fours at end of the over!
N.Z 256/8 now.

20 needed of 18 balls. Calm heads needed!
Anyone know why orams listed to bat number 11?

Surely he must be injured?
Amjid Javed said:
Anyone know why orams listed to bat number 11?

Surely he must be injured?

Oram is injured and will come to bat with a runner.

12 required off 12 balls.

What a shot for FOUR by BOND, he only wanted single but hit it too well.

7 off 10 required now.
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Australia has NOT lost an ODI this summer.

Kiwis only need 6 off 8

Now 5 off 7 required.
Scores now level!

Kiwis look like going 1-0 up!
Aussies unbeaten odi streak about to come to an end?
What a star is Shane BOND.

Poor Watson, i love it when he gets thrashed :D

1 required off 5 balls
Scottie Styris hits a six to finish!

MJ can go and cry in his little corner now
Finally Aussies lose an ODI after probably a dozens of wins :)

Very good chase by NZ.

Brilliant inning by Styris and excellent support by Bond.
I thought they were gonna lose without vettori! But it seems that the team didn't miss him too much!
WOW! New Zealand have beaten the Aussies!

Pakistani fans shouldn't be so smug anymore. They have long called the New Zealand team mediocre and claimed to be more superior. But truth is that the black caps have out done the Pakistanis.

Well Done!
What a win for newzeland thanks to PP tv was a treat to watch.
NZ vs Aus matches are like Pak V India .. no matter what the status of the two teams the games will be competitive.
Styris announces himself after a last minute inclusion into the side in place of Vettori. He deserves to play the remainder of this series. Priceless innings :14:
Styris ends game in style! well done kiwis!
Bond also deserves credit for hanging around and scoring 11 very important runs.
The kiwis have a pretty good ODI record against the Aussies at home in recent times if memory serves me right!
I really think that nz won because of styris!!
It's really sad to see a team dominating pk then losing to nz!
But in terms of future prospects, nz doesn't look too good as even some of the playing XI play cricket as a part time job.
New zealands 5th Straight ODI win over Aussies at Home!
Very good win for NZ.

Couldn't think NZ would win without vettori.
What a great game, first decent game of the summer. Styris was pumped and played the innings of class.
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