Pakistan V New Zealand | 1st Test | 08/01/11 | Hamilton | Day 3 | Session 1

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3 Maidens in a row !!! Pakistan may dig themselves in a hole...
17 dot balls and lots of plays and misses
3 maidens in a row.

Ball starts swinging a bit and our batsmen look clueless.
That last ball from Martin should have been put away for 4
nobody bought Misbah in IPL so he's back to his Misblock best :))
New ball, rested bowlers, and a bit of breeze will cause batsmen to struggle. No need to overreact and predict collapses.
Finally a run, and its Asad Shafiq who takes a single..
Shafiq starting to middle it in his defense. And gets a single to break the ice
hit on the pad.

Asad needs to play straighter on the legside, gets tangled up.
First half an hour, 2 runs

As long as they don't frustrate themselves into doing something stupid, its fine
Y'Allah ya to mujhe uthalo ya Doull ko uthwalo.

worst. commentator. ever.
Good old boring test cricket being played.............just the way it should be...

Put a price on your wicket and when bowlers tire, attack the bowling and gain a sizeable lead...

It's not rocket science you know...
Key here is 0 wickets lost.
It's a mixed bag. I don't mind them playing out the new ball as it makes batting easier. Problem is if they get out, the next one coming in isn't a batsmen (into the tail). Rotating strike usually doesn't let the pressure get to you, so increasing the chance of both staying in.

Though I think both have the temprament to not get bogged down if they're not getting runs. So it's good play overall I think.

this is the Rambo smiley :)
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