Pakistan v Sri Lanka | 1st Test | Day 2 | Abu Dhabi | 19/10/11

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May 6, 2007
Junaid Khan's 5-for put Pakistan on top on Day 1. Many people questioned, actually blasted, Misbah's decision to bowl first but his bowlers backed him up really well.

The wicket is very good for batting and will get better as the day goes on. Pakistan need to put up a substantial total here. Hafeez will be the key early on.
A good start as IS said would be vital lets see how well Hafeez and Taufeeq do.

I would say first hour would be the key, if he hold ourselves together then we have good chance.
This Test match is ours, it'll be a bore-athon if Hafeez goes early but I'm hoping we score 220+ today, loss of 3-4 wickets.
if hafeez is there by the end of the first session i have no worries this test match is ours.
Taufeeq looked edgy out there.

I hope he sticks it out. Hafeez performing is a must for this team to score big and bat SL out of the game.

We simply shouldn't let SL back into the game from this position.
Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are well. We should try to keep up the scoring rate to 3.5. If we keep that rate, we should have 350 by tonight.
If Taufeeq fails in this Test match he should be dropped, I don't care if he averages close to 40 because he is not consistent enough.
Taufeeq is terribily out of form, even his hundred against West Indies was one of the most 'ugliest' innings I've seen in a long time. About 4-5 dropped catches.
Inshallah Pak will score 400+ runs and put Sri In intense pressure. im looking forward for a 100 from Hafeez-Younis-Misbah........but i wish 2 lads get 100s. Azar n Asad. both deserves it and i wish they get it in this test match.....
Lovely watching Hafeez bat, controlled aggresion..

Taufeeq on the other hand :facepalm:
Good start by Pakistan and professor
Even Waqar agrees with me that he looks like Ishant
So chief curator is a sardar? Mohan Singh. Really good pitch this so good job by him.
That Pradeep guy looks menacing when running in, doesn't he?
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