Australia vs Pakistan | Group B | Colombo | 19/03/11 | Pakistan Innings

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Allow me :)

Australia bowled out for 176.

Now we wait for kamran to get a 100 :D
InshAllah openers need to play positive, let middle order consolidate if needed. Feeling good about this one, but can't take the Aussies lightly.
Need a postive start and need to just be solid early on. With Lee and Tait we will get run scoring chances.
Pakistan need 177 to win The last team to beat Australia in a World Cup have a fantastic opportunity to do it again. how did sri-lanka then win the '96 world cup?
Very nervous chase ahead.

Didn't we need a similar score in Sydney? 170 odd?

And in UAE when we lost 3-2 series.
Australia will fight tooth and nail. Pakistan need to take singles and not go into their hole and let the ReqRate get up easily. Remember the T20 at MCG where Tait came out all fired up after a good bowling performance from Pakistan? Still backing Pakistan to win.
Nick Knight says he really likes the look of this Pakistan team. His only concern is the fragility of the top order.
Kamran kept quite well, hopefully he can score a big one.
Need to go out with all guns blazing. No point sticking around, especially with the way the pitch is behaving once the ball gets softer.
please please please keep runrate of 3 for for power play . don't lose wickets to the top order even if run rate is low. Even half of this whole total is achievable in the last 16 overs with wickets intact and their spinners.
I think Kami will have a good day with the bat today.
First ten overs will be key, when the ball will get old it will do all kind of tricks, so we need to build a solid base in the first ten overs, rather than play test match in first ten overs.
We will win this by 5 wickets.

Welcome to world cup, cricket cup, world cup!
If they fail to chase this, get 'em bags packed up and say bye-bye in QFs :nasser
Pak have to play hard in the first 10 overs - none of this tuk tuk rubbish.
We need to play Lee well.

The pitch isn't as bad as everyone is making out. But with some variable, up and down bounce on offer, Lee's accuracy and speed could make a difference. It pains me to say this, but what we need more than anything, is a little Hafeez cameo of about 40 odd to take the pressure off. And some 'aggressiveness' from our captain.
whats the pitch like guys? is it a real nightmare?

No, but hard to score boundaries once the ball goes soft. Still its a 220 pitch so well within Pak grasp as long as they don't Panic.
What does Chappell have to say about the Australian teams huddle?
Australia in their huddle.

DISGRACEFUL!!! [/chappell]
Need a postive start and need to just be solid early on. With Lee and Tait we will get run scoring chances.

Pakistani openers need to rotate strike with an odd boundary, the target is 177 and pakistan does'nt need to play ridiculous shots in search of scoring boundaries. We need a thorough professional batting approac and performance. This wicket is two paced and we must play on merit and not go for needless lofted shots. Australia has three 90 miles fast bowlers and on this ultra slow wicket it could be advantage for pakistani batsmen IF THEIR APPROACH IS PROFESSIONAL !. Australia lacks quality spinners,krejza and smith are at best average spinners But pakistani batsmen have habit of making mediocre bowlers look great ! So we need to play very positively when chasing 177 runs. If hafeez and kamran put 100 runs for opening wicket then it would put a lot of pressure on aussies. Pakistani batsmen must NOT GIFT WICKETS TO Australian bowlers.
Hafeez and Akmal average 54.75 opening the batting for Pakistan :inti
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