Faisalabad Wolves v Sialkot Stallions | Super Eight T20 Cup | 31/3/13 | Final

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comon wolves kill these stallions .......... really hope misbah will lift the title and play in CLT20
What a bonus for the Wolves to have Ajmal playing. This is gonna be a great match if they scrore more than 140 here!
what an ugly swing on a yorker.... farukh is lucky that didnt hit the stumps very very lucky
:out moron shot by farukh very moron shot... padle scooping a fast bowler and he is caught by keeper
Faisalabad have always been let down by their batting in the finals they have played in the recent past. They even fail to post a competitive score, let alone a winning one.

Misbah now would be forced to play defensively due to the rubbish start his openers have given and if Stallions could nab him early then Wolves would find it extremely difficult to post a fighting total.
What a fielding at the boundry ... adeel really should have tried to stop it rather then stay their like a statue...
These guys need to try to at the least rotate the strike! Otherwise things will become very tough for Misbah. He can not do everything himself.
So Misbah and Malik make the final.....

Who are the favourites. ...

Any promising kids playing?
This is poor batting. They're totally struggling. That's why Misbah should have come at one down. Now balls are being wasted which is a pity.
:four finally he connects with the slog sweep.... i thought he wanted to gift his wicket away.
Why is he backing to a leggie, almost out.
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