ICC WT20 | India vs Pakistan | Super 8s | Colombo | 30/9/12 | Pakistan Innings


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Aug 20, 2007
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With Australia racing away to another victory against South Africa today. On 30th September half way through Australia's innings, Premadasa was brimming with the colors green and blue.

Its about 6:30 pm in the evening, 5 overs still to go, the stadium now gets to fill in and fans from the Asian Subcontinent flock and flood through the gates.

There are flags of India and Pakistan all across the ground. The skies seem clear at the very moment with no chance of rain.

When walking through the gates, I saw a South African selling a shirt which said "I Back the Pak" on a green background.

There are news running around that the Indian team is already in the stadium, the media room buzzing. No signs of Pakistan team yet.

The stage is set and the players raring to go. The tempo is built up right away and as one poster rightly said, this truly is El Classico of Cricket.
ICC WT20 | India vs Pakistan | Super 8s | Colombo | 30/9/12

.. InshaALLah we are gonna win this match and will kick India and South Africa out of tournament and will reach semi final..
who are the believers?????
.. InshaALLah we are gonna win this match and will kick India and South Africa out of tournament and will reach semi final..
who are the believers?????

Inshallah Pakistan will get a big kick on their backside in this match by the Indians :)
ok,its gonna get rained out & we will have a super over or will it be a bowl-out :))
All aboard the hype train.

For anyone who needs a haircut, pray we win lol

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cricinfo : 6.40pm Greetings, it's India v Pakistan time. Pakistan are looking unusually settled while India aren't sure of their combination either with the new ball or at the top of the order. If Pakistan finally win their first match against India in either the T20 or the one-day World Cups, they will have the satisfaction of also eliminating India while confirming qualification for the semi-final. That result will also put Australia in the final four, knocking out South Africa.
2 things stand in pakistans way today.

1. The weather

2. Ramiz Raja the jadugar of commentary.

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Dear Pakistani Ppers, I hope we can still be friends after the phainty you receive tonight :kohli :D
Inshallah we will win fellas and I will see you after the game! Nerves and excitement are unbelievable
Even Warne Predicts for India to win :(

Shane Warne ‏@warne888
Huge game coming up Pak V India, I want India to win but think Pakistan are hard to beat if they all click & turn it on...
Batting first. But why?!?!? -__-

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Prof batting, need a good score against India.
What the hell. No razzaq? Were losing this one. You read it here first.

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need 160+ because the pitch is looking very good to bat on even in 2nd innings plus Sehwag is playing today!
Were going to make 140 pathetic odd and India is going to chase it

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what a bad decision by the professor ....

The pitch will get better at night....plus the rain
Dhoni will be very happy to lose the toss.

If rain comes later, Dhoni can chase with D/L score in mind.

Pakistan playing 4 spinners (Hafeez, Raza, Afridi, Ajmal)...and Indian are great players of spin.

I don't have good feeling! :(
After Hafeez won the toss he shook hands with Dhoni and pointed at his chest as if to say" I won the toss" LOL
Pundits seem surprised at the decision to bat, talking about rain and d/l.
BTW Sehwag will score against us...you heard it here first
Need at least 180+, THEY ARE PLAYING WITH 7 BATSMEN YEAH 7 BATSMEN!! We need to target their part-timers and score 180+ at least and THEN we might have a chance ;)

Go Pakistan!! :afridi
I think we have just gifted the game to Indian by batting first.
I don't know if that's the right call. We were doing well these days by chasing the target
should have bowl first , its going to be difficult to defend against indian batting line-up.
If there is rain then India will win must likely. But if not then batting first is the way to go.

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Dhoni says at the toss that Pakistan play spin well, but not on the evidence of the South African match.
Good decision to bat first with Raza in again. It doesn't matter what India wanted, Pakistan prefers to post a score and defend.

Only once any team has chased over 150 against Pakistan. 170-180 should be the target.
Need to get 180+ here

India can chase just way too well

Chasing definitely wasn't the way to go though
If Nazir gets going then good bye India.

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this looks to me another bigger heart moment from Pakistan to decide to bat 1st :afridi
pakistan gets under pressure in big matches while chasing against india , so i guess decision is good ..
Common Pakistan.. need Hafeez and Nazir to get us off to a good start