New Zealand v Pakistan | 2nd Test | 16/01/11 | Wellington | Day 2 : Session 1

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Feb 13, 2010
20 minutes to go!

NZ 246/6

Need to finish them off before lunch preferably under 300.
NZ all out < 299

If i win you all give me 5 dollars
Pakistan have taken the new ball I believe...

Either wickets will stumble or runs will leak. Morning session will be vital for both of the sides considering the game is in the balance.
C'mon on Gul and Co. I want to see Hafeez and his juicy...

....cover drives :D !!
Vettori will smash a century. He loves batting against us. :|
Ian O'Brien looks like he just woke up and forgot to brush his hair.
If you missed any of yesterday's action, check out Nitin's bulletin, Andrew's plays and the press conference, which Pakistan interestingly failed to attend.

Ross Taylor was just on air and was happy with how he batted but naturally disappointed at the timing and mode of his dismissal, but hopes the tail can wag and keep Pakistan in the field on a day where the wind is gusting hard already. Wellington has turned ithe wind right on for the hardy fans who are heading to the ground.

The ball is only 9 overs old and Rehman is going to bowl the 2nd over of the 2nd day!

What thinking by Pakistan - Hats off :waqar :inti
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Wahab has a fever....we're down one bowler.
Umar Akmal is the 12th man they surely had Khurram's name there last night?!

Wahab is off the field with a fever so Umar Akmal is on!
Commies making fun of Tanvir bowling with the 2nd new ball late last nite! :))

So make it 2 bowlers short then! :p
thats y :wahab wore jacket it that day....he gets fever quickly in winter
Gul bowling with good rhythm atm, just under 140ks.
Tucker with a baseball cap today making his right hand more proactive as if he'll use it in favour of our bowlers! :p
Unless we take a wicket of two in the first half hour, it's gonna be another long and frustrating day for Pak as NZ is gonna keep grinding while Misbah is gonna keep changing the bowlers on one side and keep Tanvir operating on the other in a hopeless attempt to get a wicket.

Let's hope Misbah has a game plan today. For starters place a fielder on long leg and target the batsman's rib cage with an occasional yorker while the ball has shine and it's hard.
Looks like Pakistan will have a long day out in the field..
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