New Zealand v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Wellington | 17/1/11 | Day 3 | Session 2

go for the kill boys :akhtar play aggressive ....go for victory not draw :rehman
Need to put up a good lead by the end of today and then give them a lead of some 370is by tomorrow's lunch.--only way we can win.
Need to see off the new ball (even though it hasn't done so much) then there should be centuries in this wicket for :yk, :misbah and :shafiq if they apply themselves.

Very flat track tbh, bit of an odd decision as NZ need to win this game.
I am back guys.Did not even check the score on cricinfo today.Look forward to play after lunch.
According to forecast it will rain next 2 days day 4 and 5:3dtard3:
both batsmen looking good, need to cash in big time.
Younis Should play Aggressive = Make 4 -5 every over Misbah can stay we got Asad Shafiq to go with Misbah anyway
209/3 looks so good. Not used to seeing scores like that from Pak.
I'm still expecting either Younis or Misbah or both to score a century today, we need to get the total towards 430-470, lets hope Asad and Adnan can make some big scores of 60 odd or so.

Both batsman are now settled and are going at a good pace atleast rotating the strike more, so hoping it continues after lunch
To be honest, this is a 500 wicket, if not more

Score 600 if we can and get New Zealand in and hope for a miracle on day 5
Vettori might give Williamson an over before the new ball
That showed what a good player of spin he is
Good flight but a good over for Pak in the end - 5 off.
Some shape back in though. Well played by Khan.
Not even hitting 130! And they have the nerve to diss Tanvir. :sami
at this point :yk 43 off 85
while :misbah 30 off 82

appeal and not given
We need to end this day above 400 +, if we want to win this game.
NZ commentators seriously clutching! Did it carry? :)))
Someone in the crowd:

"Come on you guys, you're holding New Zealand up from winning" :))) :)))
Feezy does it second time around , completely ruins the LOOK of the scorecard with his single digits
Seamed away and beaten

Well bowled poor batting
Southee getting nice shape now

Good single