Official WI Vs Pak, Test 2, Day 3 Thread [5/6/05]

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May 21, 2005
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I wanted to create the thread for once :p

Moreover, with Kaneria's late wicket, it has brought our morale up, as we now know we are near their fragile lower order. If we remove either Lara or Hinds early, we possibly can concede a small lead of our own, deliverign a psychological blow to Windies, and then building a big target to chase on a dodgy day 5 wicket.


Pakistan has fell short of a good target on this pitch. Pakistan should have at least got 400 after that recovery from the middle order, and it was disappointing for them to fall 26 runs short. They couldn't have got to a worse start in bowling; however Razzaq brought it back at 59/2. Pakistan really had a chance to grab this match by the neck, but blew it once again as Lara hit another 100. Taking nothing away from Lara, as he played in such a majestic manner as always, however, the minute Lara looked to attack; Inzi quickly took a step back and got very defensive. Razzaq was very impressive early in his spell and Shabbir was impressive in his late spell. However, some very disappointing bowling changes were made throughout the day. For some reason, Malik was bowled for an eternity and literally for most of the post tea session, even though he was not effective and just did not look like he was going to take a wicket. They brought Afridi on for a while, and he got a bit hammered and quickly took him off, shattering his confidence. Shabbir bowled really well in his last spell and should have been bowled more; he just had a rough first three overs, because Gayle was flaying his bat at any ball possible. However, good comeback from Kaneria to get Chanderpaul on the last ball of the day, and possibly giving Pakistan a sniff back into this game. They will need to remove Hinds early, as he may struggle against the new ball (shortly due) in the early morning conditions. Pakistan's pacers must be in top gear tomorrow morning as Kaneria has given them a sniff to comeback, so it is up to the pacers to use the early morning conditions to their advantage.

West Indies once again, have done well in batting, well Lara has, and it is good to see Sarwan among the run scorers. This is a good opportunity to take a lead, and possibly take the series. However, in the recent past, this is where the batting line up begins to crumble and get a bit thin. It looks very fragile after Hinds, which is why it is important that Lara does not fall early, as Lara can keep scoring freely with anyone around him, while Hinds may struggle a bit with the tail. They are only 99 runs behind and can build a solid 100 run lead if they bat sensibly. Their bowlers must support Collymore, who is nursing a slight shoulder injury, however should not affect him. They need to look to score less runs as possible in the second innings, as the ball is beginning to kick and bounce already on day 2, which in most cases is the best day to bat in a test match. If Windies are set a target of 250 or more, life could get difficult as this pitch will just get much worse for batting throughout the match, as shown with Razzaq's ball to Smith (which literally bounced the height of Smith's ankle). West Indies need to build a solid lead tomorrow and then look to restrict Pakistan to a target under 250 if they want to win this match.

The match is current Even Stevens, as the West Indies can collapse anytime, and the pitch will only get more difficult to bat on throughout the match.

West Indies:275/4 Run Rate: 3.59 Overs: 76.3 - B Lara not out 125

Post your score updates below.
Or Lara can go berserk and the lead could vanish in the first session! Well...still 12 hrs to go!
we should keep our expectations as low as we can!.....until Lara is there we can't hope for a draw leave aside a win!
Lara needs a slice of bad luck !!! Lara goes - Pak are in the game - he stays another , say 20 overs and its Jooton Kay Haar at Karachi airport ( via Heathrow) and some good old Effigy burnings....
What we badly need is an early wicket. If we manage to get that then we might be able to take a useful lead.
malik should go round the wicket!!! esp to left handers - come in with angle and then spin away - the footmarks/rough are outside off stump as well
Better question is, why is he bowling? Bring on Razzaq, try to do some damage with old ball, get some reverse swing before the new ball comes
Lara lucky he was outside the line
Another close call, not out though
I thought the old ball was a good ploy ? Hinds is usually an opener and should find the new ball bowlers easier to deal with.
Razzaq needs to come around and attack the stumps, because his balls tend to skid through
Two warnings to Dani, he should be taken off soon
maiden by razzaq against lara..... and a few close deliveries

i sense a breakthrough
another maiden by razzaq against lara.......

85.5 Abdul Razzaq to Lara, no run, excellent ball, left him as it shaped
away to the off late

I will now devote many hours in making Jooton Kay Haar for the Pak team and then fly out to Karachi to recieve them and present them with my masterpiece! Anyone wants to join me ?
Time to get new ball and bring on Shabbir?
87.6 Abdul Razzaq to Hinds, no run, an other appeal, there was no
outside edge but beat him completely
87.5 Abdul Razzaq to Hinds, FOUR, prods forward and its a thick edge
along the ground between slips and gully

Four more, lets face it, Windies gonna get a lead, we have lost this match
89.6 Abdul Razzaq to Hinds, no run, good bouncer, ducks to evade
89.5 Abdul Razzaq to Hinds, no run, full bal on stumps, pushed to the

good bowling, mixing it up, sharp pace.
Kaneria cannot bowl anymore in the innings....IT IS OVER
Lara dropped by Shabbir, hits next ball for 4 to get to 150.
lara gets his 150

great innings by the prince but theirs one set back he did it against us
I ajm tried of being so be honest, we lost this series and to windies.

Shabbir lookg good now, he can be our hero...hopefulyl take some quick wickets
man , i wuda killed shabbir, if he hadnt taken that wickettt! now get em all out, sooon.
what a way to start this game,#.kaneria banned and a dropped catch by shabbirof lara.we are finished
beeray redeemed himself

ahh 5 secons ago i was going to kill shabbir!
now he just got a lara!!

We need to concede windies to a lead less than 30 if we want any chance, but that looks impossible with this team
Shabbir ona hat trick...browne out!

We still obviously need 4 more wickets and especially Hinds quick time.
Shabbir gets a warning to going onto danger area
looks like the way things are going onloy inzy will be left running into bowl, or will he get someone to run in for him. :p
i know this is a ridiculous scenario and unlikley to ever happen but what would happen if say every member of the team bowled and got 3 warning>? maybe the opposition would have to forefit their innings? if so everyone should bowl and get banned :p
why isn't rana bowling today - is he injured ??
he's a pro at getting out the tail with his yorkers - if he's able to bowl then he should replace razzaq now.
Hinds is still there. we need not let windies get a lead of more than 50 otherwise it will be hard to set a good target.
after razzaq and shabbir, who is liley to come on? rana or afridi?
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