On This Day: October 26, 1952 - Pakistan crush India for maiden Test victory in just their 2nd match

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Jun 15, 2006
After being defeated by India by an innings and 70 runs in their first ever Test match, Pakistan showed they were quick-learners by turning around in their second match and crushed the same opponent by an innings and 43 runs.

Fast bowler Fazal Mahmood was the key player for Pakistan, finishing with inning figures of 5/52 and 7/42. India was bowled out for 106 in front of their home crowd and in reply, Pakistan totaled 331. The leading run-scorer was opener Nazar Mohammad, who carried his bat and finished on 124*.

When India came back to bat on Day 3, they were already behind by 225 runs after the 1st innings and could only muster together another 182 runs as Pakistan's bowlers ensured that their batsman would only be required to bat once.

On This Day October 26, 1952: Pakistan crush India for maiden Test victory

Fazal is the first true LEGEND from Pakistan.

Fazal Mahmood was a true beast and I rate him as Pakistan´s greatest bowler, but the only issue is that I/we often forget his name when we go through the list of the great fast bowlers that Pakistan have produced.
:fazal was a legend, four 10fers in 30-odd matches doesn't lie, one hell of a match winner and if there was some Man of the Series awards he'd beat Malcolm Marshall in terms of frequency... also, good steady century by Nazar Mohammad (his only series!), his son Mudassar Nazar would have made :misbah:azhar proud, as he hit the slowest century ever

Mudassar, the 21-year-old son of former Test opener Nazar Mohammad, now Pakistan national coach, completed his century in nine hours seventeen minutes - twelve minutes slower than the previous record by D.J. McGlew for South Africa against Australia in the 1957-58 series.

India '52 series was our first tour away (got our Test status that year), so the win @ Lucknow by an innings was quite something.
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On this day 26th Oct, 1952: Pakistan thrashed India and got maiden Test victory!

Fazal Mahmood got 12 wickets in that match (12 wickets for 94 runs) and in same match Nazar Mohammad become the first Pakistani player to score an international Hundred.

Pakistan's maiden Test victory. In only their second match, played on jute matting in Lucknow, they thrashed India by an innings and 43 runs. That master craftsman Fazal Mahmood was the star man, taking 5 for 52 and 7 for 42 (his best figures in Tests) as India were blown away for 106 and 182. Nazar Mohammad anchored Pakistan's 331 with a painstaking unbeaten 124, carrying his bat after 515 minutes at the crease. He became the first man to be on the field throughout an entire Test match.

The day when great Fazal destroyed indian batting line.

Fazal Mahmood got 12 wickets in that match (12 wickets for 94 runs) and in same match Nazar Mohammad become the first Pakistani player to score an international Hundred.


this was the start of Pakistan's dominance over India in test cricket.

one thing to remember is that India had still not won an away test match at that time. Pakistan won an away test match before India although Pakistan start playing international cricket quite late than India.
This match was played at a ground 100 mtr away from where I live in lucknow.
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Fazal Mehmood is one of the most underrated legend.

He was one of the greatest match winners of Pakistan.

Pakistan's all first victories against India, England, Australia & West indies were due to Fazal Mehmood and remember, all those teams were much superior to Pakistan back then.

Respect to you Sir :salute