Pakistan v Sri Lanka | 5th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 23/11/11 | Sri Lanka Innings

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Akmals postion as a keeper is quite funny! Really should have just played sarfaraz today!
iDone Sahib drink farma rahey hain. Hence :rehman on the field, makes sense.
127 kph......kukri doesn't eat its own kind or else he'd have some strength to bowl at pace.
From cricinfo:

Umar Gul to Dilshan, no run, again cuts him up with a big inducker. How many new-ball bowlers can mix these with the legcutters as well as this man does, and at this pace? Dilshan is again in a mess as he gets the front foot across and into no position to handle the big inward movement. :

Heartning to read this :)
Sohail Tanveer bowling to a field to which Glenn McGrath used to bowl to. 7-2.
and gone who said that dilshan will make 100 :out gullayyyyyyyyy done it
Great start here by pakistan!

Dilshans misery continues!
Pitch has pace, bounce, and movement. I suppose 3 fast bowlers were a good move!
Damn it, my stream is not working anymore :facepalm: and whats more, Dilshan out :( and I missed it
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