2nd Semi Final: Kolkata Tigers v Lahore Badshahs

Shahid A

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Feb 1, 2007
Lahore Badshahs going into this game unbeaten in all of the games. Clearly there is only one winner on paper but as we all know Pakistani players can cock up on the main stage of them all..
The winner of this semi final faces The Hyderabad Heroes in the final which if out of three the first to be played on April 4th
has coverage started Shahid?

wonder y my link dont work.. always worked up till now!
ICL 20s Grand Championship - lolll sounds prestigious dont it

Lahore Badshahs v Kolkata Tigers 2007/08 season

Played at Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium, Panchkula, Chandigarh, on 3 April 2008 - day/night

The tournament has reached a stage where it's all or nothing for the teams.
Badshahs have not put a foot wrong in their progress to this stage maintaining a perfect slate all along. :14:
Tigers on the other hand have had a slightly shaky tournament, never looking the some part with some of the teams and edging past others, the match with Delhi Giants standing out as a prime example. :13:
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video link look for the ICL Semi 2 logo instead of the zeesports one.

Dont SHE look nice in pink.. pink is such a romantic and appealing colour when women wear it

Wots she wearin on her ears? :O looks like her head has shrunk
Inzi doin interview!!:O:O:O bet u they ask about shoaib? anyone hear wots being said??
Toss has been won by Lahore Badshahs, who will take the strike first

fireworks to begin !!!!
Ghoshtbuster said:
apparently there is rain around.........so dont expect full 40 overs

cud be in for D/L method or somthing else!!

I hope Lahoris score fast.. to stay on top../ cmon boyssss :14:
arshads wicket was wickeeeeeeed v's heros i think.

Tiggers got nothing but talent..

Lahoris got INZI ;-) no match for Inzi
there must be an equivalent method of settling a game, musnt there?
FINAL XI as follows:-


Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat, Humayun Farhat, Hasan Raza, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Naved Latif, Azhar Mahmood, Naved-ul-Hasan, Mohammad Sami, Mushtaq Ahmed, Shahid Nazir


D Dasgupta, L Klusener, AA Jhunjhunwala, CD McMillan, RS Gavaskar, Rajiv Kumar, S Singh, AR Adams, UDU Chandana, AN Ahmed, M Hayward
Umpires JH Evans (England) and TE Jesty (England)
TV umpire NGC Cowley (England)
Match referee Mushtaq Mohammad (Pakistan)

The pesimist in me says:

- Expect runouts to go in favour of Pakistan
- LBW's in favour of the Tiggers
unorthadox commentary team aint it.. a bit ott but some of its funny
Ghoshtbuster said:
jeff thompson on his hands and knees?

doubleyou tee eff?


did you see the reaction of Dean jones and Kasporwisz after Mayanti(the host) said she can control everyone.
i can feel SUPERInzi is getting ready for match winning innings!!
What a over by Adams!!

Farhat proving he isn't all that

now its all upto Nazir!!! Boom Boom Nazir!
4 outswingers.. then one comin in..

farhat yarra - u shud have know this by now!
LARA - click the ICL Semi 2 link instead... 3 logos below zeesports one
SameerM said:
4 outswingers.. then one comin in..

farhat yarra - u shud have know this by now!

i cant hear any of the zee sports team saying now that Farhat deserves a place in the Pakistan team now....
Adams looks like a scheming bowler.. sets them up and goes for the kill

I hope boom boom nazir keeps control of himself!
SameerM said:
LARA - click the ICL Semi 2 link instead... 3 logos below zeesports one

Thanks. But just getting a clip error
lara400 said:
Thanks. But just getting a clip error

Keep trying then cus i am watching it thru the ICL semi link instead of the Zee sports one.
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4 more

Nazir has a sneaky smile on his face - he enjoying it me thinks ;-)
4 more - fielder error me thinks

replays show foot on boundary :))
he is takin the role of the boomer.. nazir is the calm one today !!
atleast u admit u said the words.. unlike some other akhtar i know of