England v Pakistan | Second Test | Day 2 : Session 2 | Edgbaston | 07/08/10

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Jun 26, 2010
So, England are 125/2 with a lead of 53 at lunch.

Pietersen on 42*(96)
Trott on 37*(78)

Partnership is worth 81 - much to the despair of all the pakistanis.
Desperataly need a few quick wickets after lunch - we would`ve had KP back in the hut if it weren`t for umar amin!!
What about rain thats hold on and if not stop then no more play today.

But looks like will stop after lunch thats everyone expecting.

But for Pakistan rain need to carry on to washout the day and start tomorrow otherwise life is not easy for them in this Test.
It's official, play will resume at 13:10 local time.
How lucky is KP ? got most his runs from streaky shots..
Lucky KP again. I like Rain sropping play, that way our bowlers get some rest.
yaar I think pakistan will never be a good fielding side. but i noticed that we field better when shahid is out captain
That's the most luckiest 50 I've seen in a while
man our team needs to start backing out support with good performance
On the bright side, KP was the captain of my fantasy team :14:
i think its better to have kamran then zoni because atleast we know kamran hasthe potential to take those types of catches
take amir and asif off and put the part time bowlers on wasting their energy for nothing
i think we needed mohammed irfan in these conditions. he could do a similar job to steven finn
Come on lads dont waste your time and money. This match is as good as lost. Pakistanis are playing just for formality.
uuuuuuuaaaa uuuuuuuuaaaa!! somebody give the doll to butt.. he is gonna weep.
send this ali nawazish . i am sure he can get 0 and wont waste too much deliveries.
Who ever had dropped a catch should be penalised by bowling 20 overs on trot.
Doosra, illegal. Botham, what a dumbass! :)))
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