India vs England | 1st Test | Ahmedabad | 17/11/12 | Day 3


Jul 2, 2012
From an Indian perspective : Cook and Peterson are the best players of spin and need to get at least one of them in the first hour.

English perspective : Try to rotate the strike and use the crease.Being overly defensive against spin will eventually get you out.
Trott is having a very poor test match...dropped a fairly easy catch....drew flack for claiming out with scoring a run...
Curator stopped watering the pitch 3 days before the match...This is a 6 day dry pitch - Sourav Ganguly
Curator stopped watering the pitch 3 days before the match...This is a 6 day dry pitch - Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly is just having fun playing his games. It is not that bad a pitch as the English are making out to be. Already their fans and commentators are whinging. Sure it turns but hte surface is still intact and not breaking up. They havent faced minefields like the one Gavaskar played in his last test. Im sure if India was batting now, India would have been in a better position.

On the same note, the pitch at Perth was not really that bad either. People were saying it will be like the ones in which Ambrose and Walsh destroyed Australia.
Pretty sure England could make an airport runway look like a minefield.
Dear! God! So many chances missed. KP looks like a walking wicket at the moment!
Despite the chest thumping declarations that KP is one of the greatest batsmen of all time, I am happy to note that Cook has been the calm focused one.
Cook and KP will have to do brunt of the work if Eng are to get themselves out of this hole.
I am actually really enjoying this. Grit from Cook, and chancy from KP.
Leading edge!!! Man!!! 4th time his wicket almost fell in this morning.
Cook looks confident off the Back foot, KP hasn't made his mind yet. He is just jumping.
England making it look like its a 5th day crumbling pitch!

with this rate they'll be lucky to reach 200 let alone overtake Indias score
India would be smart to appeal absolutely everything. England seems to get more nervous with more strangled high pitched yell. Happened with Adnan Akmal's constant appealing in the UAE
hahahhahahahahhaha what a shot by bell first ball :))) cant stop laughing
I'd love to be a spinner playing against England.

Career numbers to put up.
That's definitely game over for Eng. They had to make a strong stand in the 1st innings because batting is only going to get tougher from here. It's going to take an absolute miracle to save this one now. By miracle I mean rain for most of the next 2 days.
What the hell, i refreshed the page and England lose two wickets!

We are going to dish out a phaintee to these blokes :))
That shot from Ian Bell was straight
out of the Shahid Afridi coaching
manual :afridi
Congratulations to Patel for scoring a run. Well done son, you are a long way out of your depth here.