India vs England | 3rd Test | Kolkota| 08/12/12 | Day 4

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Feb 11, 2012
Bad day..should have even worse if England played bit faster

any way 2 more days to go and lead under 200 not tooo difficult to draw

if Viru play a session who knows .....



Dhoni looked like a Pakistani fauji....

English batsmen will ramp up their scoring rate first thing in the morning...probably will take it to 250 lead at least....the pitch is already playing up....won't be easy for indian batsmen to score freely..
It's been a long time since we've seen a do-or die epic innings from an indian batsman.Tomorrow will be the day.SRT to take the spotlight.
Expecting an English victory tomorrow. If Prior remains standing till Lunch, England will win by an innings pretty easily.
With lead of 300 runs, India will have to bat 5 seasions to draw the game. Cant see it happening here.
I think England should look to bat major portion of session before lunch , get as many runs as possible.

It will be need an epical batting by India to bat out 5 sessions. I think that there will be some turn, not much , but enough to keep bowlers interested.
Its gonna be a great day of test cricket... I am not expecting much resistance from Tendu or Sehwag... I think if India is to draw this game PUJARA needs to play a FAF here ... I the only one who thinks this game is boring as hell?

It's 2-1 England, end it and move on to the next test already. I the only one who thinks this game is boring as hell?

It's 2-1 England, end it and move on to the next test already.

outfield is may never rule out a freakish innings from a indian player totally.....
Hopefully fourth day would come up with more comprehensive thrashing for India.
Kya Ajj ANGRAIZZ Bajja Payein Gay India Ki ????? ................ BAANSURIIIIIIIIII
Swann caught at slip.

That turned after being tossed up. Encouraging signs.

Lead is 195 with three wickets remaining. 230 would be lovely.
Why is Finn batting and not Jimmy who has a better technique?
Wow. Prior goes. Not a good start.

Thank god we are 194 ahead.
This pitch is just not that easy to bat on now as it was on first three day.
200 up. Good stuff, landmark reached, at least have that now.
Lead is 200. India must score 200 runs to begin to pay off the credit card bill.
deep midwicket, deep square leg and a long-on for Anderson people

And as I type that he is out!
Big inside edge. Very poor decision there for Monty.

All out already :91: Ah well, lead is 207 so India are under the pump.
Wow, I didn't realise just how bad Sehwag's 2nd innings record was. Borderline abysmal.

Sehwag looking very good. Looks like he is going to score his 2nd 100 ever in 2nd inning.
Great performance by the Eng bats. Captain Cook leading from the front again. Brilliant stuff. Eng must be stoked to see Trott scoring a few as well. Now it's all up to their bowlers. India prolly still fancy their chances of drawing the match though. They do have the batting to do it.
It would be interesting to see Eng spin twins bowl. How much purchase they get.
If India bat the whole day today, they will lead us by a few runs so we need atleast 5 wickets before close.
Pretty good stuff from both teams so far. England would love a couple of wickets before lunch.
The pitch looks flat , not much happening. Eng will have to earn a victory here.
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