New Zealand vs Pakistan | 4th ODI | Napier | 01/02/11 | NZ Innings

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Sep 25, 2007
Should be a cracking game.

1 hour left for the fun game to begin :yk

Good Luck Pakistan!

:waqar :ajmal
@talha and Paracha who are your fav players?
I don't have any favourite player(s). I don't like the idea of liking any player.

I just want the team to win and give their best.
Pakistan bowling first :(
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Pakistan lose the toss and are bowling first.
Vettori is "fiddling around with the boys" :)))

What a comment.
thats very bad, will miss pakistan batting as i will be working that time.
"The curious case of Younis and Misbah" - that's the title for Sriram Veera's preview to today's game. It could have also been "The curious case of Misbah and Afridi". Or "The mysterious ways of Pakistan cricket". The only team that can combine, in Sriram's words, Abdul Razzaq swinging like there is no tomorrow, Shahid Afridi swinging like there is no next moment, Younis Khan who bats in ODIs like he is batting in a Test and vice versa, and Misbah-ul-Haq who is known to bat in all formats like he is batting in a Test.

Hello and welcome to the fourth one-dayer. With 18 days to the World Cup, Pakistan still don't know who will lead them there. They are without their frontline seam attack, thanks to the spot-fixing issue. No problem - they are still finding a way to win games and stretch their opposition. Can they go 2-1 up today?
it will be good for pakistan though, needs to try all possible ways. i.e batting first and bating second.
depending on how the pitch plays i think they should give ahmed shehzad more overs today, nz may struggle to pick him
1 worry...

How will we chase a total with Misbah 'Tuk Tuk' Ul Haq in this side...
wow, that SKY New Zealand preview music is REALLY gay.
bad toss to lose but never mind, Pakistan will chase it down :)
Let's hope the lights don't play too much of a part later on. Should reverse after 20 overs.
did :afridi say bthat KU?

Vetorri himself said something like '...yea we've decided on 2 seamers and 2 spinners, so i've just been fiddling around with the boys...oh, that sounded wrong' followed by 2 seconds of laughter by richardson and vetorri.
part of me says, nz ko all out kardo for 240 or less.

part of me says nz go ahead and score 275+ and pakistan show us your chasing skills, it is necessary that we have the ability to chase 275-290 totals with the subcontinent world cup coming up.
it is a good toss to lose :O ,we will get a good practice match batting second before world cup
good luck to pk. i herd this ground is a real bating surface runs will be in abundance
I have a feeling this will be a tight one, but we have the momentum on our side, and Pakistan is at its best with that win feeling.
aur kitna practice karna hai?

let's win this B**CH!

No we are not still good batting second so we needed such game ,chasing under lights in world cup wont be easy.
Hope we could chase down the total aswell. Will be great to see PAK bowl first and hope we win the game. SHould be the same team and if there is anything in the pitch for rehman so he should be included
Why is this thread so dead and slow :(

people left!! lol they want pakistan to bat first!!

about ground history..if im not mistaken..pakistan lost to NZ at this ground after scoring 300+ runs!! we had wasim and waqar in that line up!!
The slower balls should come into play today. Sohail Tanvir has a very good selection.
Shaba Shaba Shaba boys

surely you mean...

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>
Key men with the ball are obviously Afridi and Gul

Lots depends on them
we should have tried different team combo in this match, ajmal really needs to play some matches before the world cup
i always like Pakistan to bat first too because i do not consider us good chasers . We be good at defending even the lowest scores though :D
Big test for Sohail Tanvir and Wahab Riaz. The pitch is flat and hard. If they keep New Zealand under 280, JOB DONE!
be prepared for Afridi to smash a ton today on Ijazz butt saab
i hate pakistans bowling and nzl batting so am goin to watch Zee cine awards 2011 until Pak start batting.
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