Pakistan v England | First Test | Day 3: Session 3 | Trent Bridge | 31/07/10

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Oct 6, 2006
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Can Pakistan polish up the tail ?
The next session will be a big one for Kaneria in this series. He was woeful in the first innings but this is his chance. The sun has come out and the seamers, who are on the verge of exhaustion, will be much less effective. Nasser Hussain was pointing out that there is spin in the pitch and it is now up to Kaneria to prove he isn't living on past reputation. Lets see if he can skittle the English tail out here and cement his spot.
Salman has to give Danish a spell now, you can't just ignore him.

A & A look like they're gonna drop.
Its pretty much impossible for us to chase this total already, but being a fanatic I still have that false hope. Lets bowl these Poms out !
Asif even complained hes bowled way too much

Time for him to have a rest

Gul and Kaneria should bowl after tea
If can restrict the target to something under 370, then we have a chance to win this one.
Wid kaneria bowling after tea ... it looks likely that lead will swell quickly ...
Haven't been posting for a while but as usual people have already gotten the knives out.

What a Test match this is turning out to be.

Next session is crucial, if we can wrap them up for a lead under 350 and if the sun stays out we should fare much better in the 2nd innings. Very proud of the fight shown by the boys after the 1st innings onslaught under some very very seamer friendly conditions.
There does not seem to be any life in this pitch AT ALL

It's been seriously all the overhead conditions, England is unlike any other country in the world for seam bowling.
How many byes and drops by dropmal has cost pakistan in total please.
give me a figure.
The current lead now is wayyy too ungettable target for this Pakistani line up, GAME OVER!!!!!!! onto the next test Boyzzzzzzzzz......
300 in 2 days is not that bad. Just hope Pakistan try get them bowled under 200. But anymore than 400 expect a draw at least.
It's more of a batting track than before. If the Aussies or Saffies were in this positon I'd expect a good game, it's not them it's Pakistan.
kaneria continues to dissapoint. Please dont give him any more overs. Hes just a usless muppet
Way too many easy singles for the taking on the legside. Butt needs to get an extra man in that area.
kanya is so easy to play,such a.timid player whenever i see him in action just p!ss me off.
kaneria spanked for 6. PLEASE GET RID OF THIS IDIOT!!. He continues to drive me round the bend
Salman Butt needs to take him off. Leaking too many runs and easing off the pressure.
What a piece of rubbish bowling. How the hell can he continue to retain his place. Its beyond me. Hes just and utter clown
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