CB Series (MCG) Australia V New Zealand


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Oct 16, 2006
Starts in 15 minutes.

Roy is out of the team. Ponting is back in. Ponting has lost yet another toss and NZ are batting. We have only won 2 tosses.
If NZ win this match, England will probably need a bonus point in their final match to make the finals.
Sean. said:
MB, I said that in my opening post.

K, didn't notice that. just saw the update on cricinfo
Lee and Tait to open the bowling. It might be Bracken but I think they will probably go with Tait.
Yep. Fleming gets a massive leading edge trying to work it onto the on side. Very well bowled. He is lucky.
1.3 Shaun Tait to Fleming, FOUR!!, short of length delivery outside the off stump, Fleming goes on the backfoot and cuts it square of the wicket, that is a good start, just a bit of width outside the off stump and he pounces onto it

good shot by fleming..........
Taits First Over

First ball from Tait. 152.9 kph (95.0 mph) (Dot)
Second Ball 152.7 kph (94.9 mph) (Dot)
Third ball 152.7 kph (94.9 mph)(Four)
Fourth Ball (Didnt see the pace for that ball) (Dot)
Fifth Ball 153.2 kph (95.2 mph) (One)
Sixth ball 153.1 (95.2mph) (Dot)
1/12 after 2.5 overs GONE!
Fleming out! Driving in the air to mid on. Lee gets the breakthrough. Hussey takes the catch.
Last ball by Tait was 160 kph.......... shock

Lee is also bowling fast but not this fast.
Tait hasn't dropped his pace below 151kph!!!
While lee has yet to go past 151kph
He's in the process of rectifying his action, Cooley and Lillee have both told him to stand more upright. He's a little more upright than he used to be, but he's got a bit of work to do on it. Cooley will straighten him out.
Probably give him a break and maybe bring him after 1-2 overs when Lee gets a break
He may on fire, but he is not taking any wickets. And also it was a little treatment for Vincent's mouth off..
Had a couple of opportunities to take wickets. Rapped Vincent on the pads three times, but was slightly off target. A good bowler creates opportunities, some days they go your way, some days they don't. The last game he played, he should have had three wickets. Loye was out LBW but wasn't given.
Wickets. We need wickets. I need a wicket before I go to the pub.
Good steady progress by Newzies.

I wish they post a good total and make the Aussies struggle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Fulton it in the back of the Rib Cage from a thunderbolt off Tait. ouch!
Fulton wears one in the ribs from Tait at 95mph.
Lee getting punished, 6 and 4 this over so far.
If NZ win this match, do we end up playing them in the final?
A lot of shots off Tait are going straight to the fielder. He's too fast, and the batsman are not timing the shots properly to hit the gaps :).
Good knock by Vincy............... good to see someone performing both off and on the field, only the aussies have been able to do that so far.
If the kiwis win it will be great.

New Zealand: 105/1 (20.3 Ovs)
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We'll be looking at 300+ to chase here unless we start taking some wickets.
This is a 300 pitch batting first. Ansolutely dead track, which will slow up as the day progesses. NZ should reach 300, if they don't there's something wrong with them.
Ian Chappel on White - "He got a big wicket the other night from one that spins straight on"
In other words, his stock delivery.
Lol, nice one Chappel. To be fair on White, though, it skidded like a flipper (but it wasn't a flipper). Is anyone else not surprised that Andrew 'I've got lead feet' Flintoff was LBW to a delivery that skidded straight on?
White drops Fulton. He dived wth one hand and it hits him in the wrist. He jumped too early.
29.4 overs.
Gooorn! Clarke gets Fulton out LBW from around the wicket.
He pitched it outside the line of the stumps and hawkeye says it was going on to hit the stumps.
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Sean. said:
Gooorn! Clark gets Fulton out LBW from around the wicket.
He pitched it outside the line of the stumps and hawkeye says it was going on to hit the stumps.

That was Clarke, not Stuey (just to avoid confusion).

We'll be chasing 300+ for sure, unless Big Jake gets going in which case we could be chasing 350. At least MJ's last two overs only cost 9, compared to his first two which cost 21.
Inside edge off Tait nearly chopped onto the pads by Taylor.
GOOOOORN! TAIT BOWLS VINCENT!! Vincent goes for 90. Very well played.
But a brilliant delivery from Tait. 3/188.
Beautiful delivery from Tait, full and straight and swinging in. Vincent gone for 90.
This has been a very good outing for Tait, much better than the other day. He's been very consistent and tidy, while still being fast.