England vs Australia | 5th Ashes Test | Oval | 22/8/13 | Day 2

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Jun 21, 2013
Australia 307/4 (90.0 ov) .

England did a big mistake by playing Kerrigan . Tremm or Finn in his place would have ensured Aussies would be 6 or 7 down . Ausssie's will be looking to get 450 today .
Dull draw surely . Dont see England being bowled out for a lowish score in 1st innings .
It's hosing down over south London. Doubt there will be much play today.

Clearly the rain gods support ENG.
If history is accurate, it will be a 500 plays 500 game. If we lose a couple of sessions to rain it will certainly be a draw.
Just checked the forecast . Day 4 might have a session being washed away too .
Rain forecast for the whole day today and Saturday so result unlikely i guess.
You know its really not your time when the team actually plays well it starts to **** it down with rain.
Cheating Pommy rain :po:

It's stopped.

But now it's really humid. I expect your last six wickets to go in a clatter and then the ENG top order to be shot off.

Could yet be a result if ENG get skittled.
Well when things don't go well even the weather conspires against you eh. Bet it will be sunny for the next 3 days after we've self destructed and got rolled for 350.
Good job by Siddle as a nwm. But Anderson to Siddle is as onesided as Siddle to Anderson.
Broad bowls some rippers and then some poor balls. Woakes bowls some good stuff but then some innocuous. Anderson apart who has been testing always the bowling looks off in beautiful swing conditions.
Haha that's a total waste of a review by Prior.
I think if aussie get 400 here it will be a very good total in these conditions.
Well done by the future Captain.

This series has being the making of him
:six for Smith to get to his hundred. Well played. Funny that the 2 bits and pieces players are the ones that get ton
He needs to go on with it now. Go and get a big one.
Good opportunity for Faulkner to come with with nearly 400 in the bank
Are they still hiding Kerrigan? Is he now playing as a specialist fielder?
Clark has been a real disappointment. He should man up next Ashes

He's had some bad luck though. Got 2 jaffas to get out and played off his pad to get bowled. He's still got a decent average and would have driven us to victory at OT had it not been for the rain.

Clarke will always be there or thereabouts performance wise. What is needed is for the rest of these blokes to step up so that when Clarke fails the team doesn't fail.
:out Faulkner's cowlashing comes to an end
They probably want to lash some quick runs and then have a go at England tonight, given the weather forecast for the next couple of days.
"I see scoreline in favour of Australia with some more guts and good umpiring," chirps Anshu. "Except the Lord's Test, England was nowhere near to Australia, they just need little more guts and scoreline should read 3-1 by now.

I would be very tempted to declare with 10 overs to go assuming we haven't been bowled out yet. I think the total is fine now given the context of the possible time lost over the next couple of days. That said, you can't really play for weather.
If we could somehow get 50 runs in the next 15 overs that would be a fantastic effort.
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