Pakpassion Live at the WACA | Day 1 | Aus v Ind Test 3

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Shoaib Naveed

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Apr 18, 2010
Hi Guys

Welcome to the WACA...For the first day's play where Aus have won the toss and decided to bowl first. Both teams playing four fast bowlers....National anthems going on right now.
Ground filling up and will be full for the day's play, WACA I have to say much smaller than seen on T.V capacity would be top 18000 or so...probably one the best viewing grounds for the spectator. Media facilities not any where close to where they should be though. All the print media in a put up tent at Mid Wicket!
Nervy start by Gambhir, the pitch is no where as green as it was two days ago but still has a lot og grass on it
Close shave for Harris, Dharmasena turns it down looked to going down on first view...pitched outside leg
Australians bowling beautifully not fallin prey to the usual bowling short here at the WACA...keeping it full
cricinfo is biased..

"sehwag out cheaply" haha

cant they say:

"sehwag out for a duck"
Batsmen have actually been quite lucky so far not to edge one, both bowlers are dishing out some real peaches
Beautiful shot by Gambhit, he is gaining in confidence as Ravi would be saying in the commentary box
Another close shave, very close lbw...i guess good decision by umpire just going over...great stuff from short leg in a run out opportunity to follow
The Little Master departs to an off cutter to Harris...good bowling and Harris gets a deserved wicket
I think the mayans have predicted Tandulkar to get his 100th 100 on the 22nd on of Dec 2012
India go four down into lunch... another awesome session for the Ozs...might actually see them bat before tea the way things our looking....lets see what happens in the post match session.
Best ploy for Ind would be to play aggressive now, get as much as possible 220-250 is not bad here on this pitch and try bowling on first day
Kohli and VVS making a match of it, Kohli looking exceptionally good....Dhoni's pick paying off
these two are basically tintering on the series right here
aik aur wkt and that would have been this the fight back the toursit have been waiting for
IND 6/144 at tea...those two wickets from Siddle the turning point after India had held their own in the first half of the post lunch session
Looking good so far. Let's see if the tail wags. Hopefully we knock them over for below 250.
7/152. Why is Chappelli saying it wrong on the Star Sports commentary that I have to suffer through now that I'm back in Boston? It's 7-152 not 152-7!
Starc gets his first wicket of the match. At least he doesn't feel totally useless now
Here comes Zaheerdulkar. Some fireworks coming.
Come on Mitch try and hit him on the toe and injure him!
Dhoni :out swung away and MS edges to the slips. Eight down, Hilfy gets 3fer.
Let's give these bowlers a bit of chin music
That one nearly decapitated Zaheerdulkar. Yorker next?
Which thread we using as the match thread? This or the other one?
Pathetic stuff from Ind....Even Starc gets two.....Bundled out here 20 min after tea for a paltry 161...Aus bringing their A game but they are not a 4-0 side really
Certainly oz are no 4-0 side but India certainly deserve a 4-0 hammering the way they've played.
Both Aussie opneners just unleashing now...Aus playing at their ruthless best....Ind completely down in the dumps
I think this is the worst day for India actually...the S.A, Eng and this series combined #AusvInd
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