EurAsia cup - Pakistan "A" v India "A"

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Mar 3, 2004
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Should be a good match today between these two sides. Anyone able to watch this match and give updates?
someone should record or figure out some highlights. because this one will be intense.
I will be able to provide updates once I know when the game starts...
The game starts around 3pm PST time. (not 100% sure though)
can anyone upload the first match then this one as soon as they can I have opened a thread in vdo section
I didn't know it's India-pakistan game and decided to do some overtime otherwise i would have watched the whole game LIVE :|
I might be able to watch a little later - Inshallah I'll give some 2nd innings updates.
Its on Ten Sports so I will be able to watch it. Will keep on giving update to you guys
Willow are just showing some songs right now, I thought it was uspposed to start now?
Pakistan making one change in their line-up: Mohammad Irshad coming in for Sami Khan. India making a change aswell, Rohit Sharma replacing Vidyut
Amazing first over by Gul. Swung the ball terrifically well. Good start by Pakistan

India 0/0 after the 1st over

Uthappa 0*
Dhawan 0*
Dhawan gets lucky. The ball just escapes the cover fielder. India off the mark

BTW Irshad is bowling
Brilliant four through the mid-off by Dhawan to conclude the second over (off Irshad).

India 6/0

Dhawan 6*
Uthappa 0*
Irshad is on now, what's his speed so far Usman?????
Mercenary said:
what is Irshad's speed?

At the moment he has been a touch slow. 82mph mostly. Hopefully he increases his pace.

Another beautiful boundary for Dhawan through a cut shot. Irshad getting a little stick here.
India 13/0 after the 4th over

Dhawan 10*
Uthappa 2*

Irshad made a good comeback in the last over after being hit for four the first ball. His speeds are not too encouraging though. The last ball was 124.4kph!
Pakistan A team:
Yasir Hameed, Taufeeq Umar, Mohammad Hafeez, Bazid Khan,
*Hasan Raza, Misbah-ul-Haq, Mansoor Amjad, Yasir Arafat,
+Zulqarnain Haider, Umar Gul, Mohammad Irshad.
This time Gul gets the treatment. Short and wide, edged over the slips by Dhawan for his third boundary
Irshad is bowling into the strong wind - top speed so far 134.5 kph.
First boundary for Uthappa. Easily dispatches an Irshad delivery through mid-on for four
HaHaHa...Gul, the trundler (according to many here) is bowling faster than the 'Lightening Rod' that is Irshad

Yeh to ajab maamla hai bhai :O
Leave Mohammad "Shoaib Akhtar" Irshad alone :p

He will pickup on speed, just wait and watch :)
Monsee said:
HaHaHa...Gul, the trundler (according to many here) is bowling faster than the 'Lightening Rod' that is Irshad

Yeh to ajab maamla hai bhai :O

Gul is bowling with the wind, not into it. Considerable difference emerges naturally, dear. :p
Dhawan drives well and gets the reward through a boundary. End of another Gul over

India 32/0 in 7 overs

Dhawan 18*
Uthappa 13*
Uthappa and Dhawan's partnership was worth 263 runs in last game, let's see :)
Arafat has replaced Irshad who had 0/17 off 3.

He concedes just a single in the over. Speed between 133-135.

Gul continues.

33/0 off 8.1 overs.
Amazing cut shot by Dhawan off Gul. Playing really well these two, already their partnership is worth 38 runs!
UsmanCHADDA said:
Irshad back into the attack, this time into the wind. Lets see...

He was bowling into the wind before, it's with the wind this time :19:
Waseem said:
He was bowling into the wind before, it's with the wind this time :19:

Now he is being pushed by the batsman...only if he was bowling on an empty pitch... :21:
Indian batsmen enjoying the bowling at the moment. Two consecutive boundaries off Arafat.

India 65/0 in 11.2 overs
Right Arm Off-spin of Hafeez introduced now. Irshad replaced after just one over, his figures read 4-0-27-0. Definitely been disappointing so far
Hafeez's first over carted off for 11 runs, including two boundaries each by Uthappa and Dhawan.

India 76/0 in 13 overs

Dhawan 39*
Uthappa 34*
WOAH!! These 2 are killing our bowlers now :(

They better not make Hafeez ANGRY :12:
Why did my stream start at 7? That is odd, either way the first over was just bowled for me, and Gul is bowling with some real fire!
Also why was Irshad bowling against the wind?
Another cut shot for four by Dhawan. They are practically murdering our bowlers who have been loose so far. Arafat's last over disappears for 9 runs

India 85/0 in 14 overs

Dhawan 47*
Uthappa 35*
Mansoor into the attack now.

Pathetic umpiring! The ball spun after pitching outside off-stump and he gave it as a wide :12:
Come on Mansoor, show your skills and prove that you are the one for future :)
Drinks Break.

India 99/0 in 16 overs

Uthappa 43*
Dhawan 52*

Both the batsmen are in red hot form and are really taking the attack to the bowlers. Pakistan needs to stop the flow of runs by picking up quick wickets.

Shikhar Dhawan st Zulqarnain b Hafeez 52

Dhawan charges down the track, Hafeez reads the script well and pushes the ball wide outside off-stump. Dhawan misses and slips, Zulqarnain does the rest.
99 for 1 after 16.4 overs?

They will score 280 odd so should be an interesting chase.
Good last over by Mansoor Amjad. 4 runs coming off it.

India 106/1 in 18 overs

Uthappa nearing his half-century
Run out chance may have been missed there. Mansoor taking a little more time than usual to release the ball, in the meantime Uthappa gets back in safely. This resulted in, Hafeez giving Mansoor a long stare :D
Another good over by Mansoor (just found out his petname is Khargosh i.e. Rabbit). Only 4 runs off it.

India 115/1 in 20 overs
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