Intl X1 vs Asia X1: 2nd Tsunami Match [20/6/05]

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This match will be A 20/20 match so it will start at 5.30 bst which is 4.30 gmt. It is a bit disappointing that there will not be any pakistani players on show as the Asia XI is dominated by indian/sri lankan players. I thought Shoaib or Sami might get a game but it doesn't appear so. I will be rooting for the international XI with the likes of Lara and Fleming in the side.
Does anyone have the squad list? I tought Afridi was playing in this match and he was too open with Sehwag?
Even I am wondering as to why there are no palyers from Pakistan. Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar should have been there. I am rooting for Intl X1 captained by my favorite Brian Lara.
I guess this are the squads:

International XI
Lara (capt)
A Flower
A Hollioke
G Smith

Any idea wh this guy Thornely is?
Asia XI
Dravid (capt)
H Singh
what the hell no pakistani player :( anyway the match cause is the most important thing so whoever wins I do't mind. Should be good entertainment and hopefully quite a bit of money raised.
I am watching this game at the Oval. At the moment, I have one spare ticket. I intend to sell it outside the ground for face value.
what the HELL?


Why on earth are there no Pakistanis?
And why no Ganguly?! Its just not the same without Ganguly!
Asia XI: Rahul Dravid (captain), Virender Sehwag, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara (wicket-keeper), Mahela Jayawardene, Mohammad Kaif, Anil Kumble, Chaminda Vaas, Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Muttiah Muralitharan.


I wonder which genius picked that squad. I am DEFINITELY supporting the World XI now.
Hafridi- 'harsh' being a bit of an understatement!

I am just completely lost for words! It is unbelievable! What the hell has Pathan done to deserve to be in there? Kumble (remember this is 20-20!!!)?

The squad is comical to an embarassing extent. I am not going to lose much sleep over it but nevertheless it is quite stupid of the selectors.
Asia XI won the toss and are batting first. Come on Sehwag i want to see some clean hitting from you
Sehwag already out! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Come on Sanath!
Asia make 157 with a 62 off 48 from Dravid
ROTW are on 15/1 off 2.3 overs

International XI won!
The commentator said no pak players were playin cause they were unavailable
yeh wickets kept on falling towards the end for sri lanka and india would exactally call them asia, if asia was playing then they wud have made 250 lol. Anyways it was a good match its not really about winning or losing its about the money.

Did anyone hear about david lloyd he was meant to be commentating in the very first over of the match but he didnt turn up cause he got stuck in a lift, lmao! But he did make it tho but for the 10th over lol.
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The Asia squad had onyl Sanath and Sehwag who can just blitz a attack and they were both openers so once they were gone, the momentum was lost. Pakistan is the country out of asia which produces the most agressive batsmen. They could have had Razzaq, Afridi and even Inzi can just accelerate at will. Instead you have guys like Atapattu and Jayawardene.
Maybe its just me noticing this but Sehwag these days reminds me of one of the Telly Tubbies. Slow in the field, lazy and dropped a catch at a crucial time.
so why was every single Pakistani player unavailable? I cannot understand it.
Saj said:
Maybe its just me noticing this but Sehwag these days reminds me of one of the Telly Tubbies. Slow in the field, lazy and dropped a catch at a crucial time.

Do not forget he wears a blue suit in the one day matches :p What is the blue ones name again? Twinkie winike or something?
Fessel- I would find it even harder to understand that.
I was only kidding yar, but as bumble said Pak palyers simply were unavailable..but find it hard myself not even one? surley if some of the county players who play in england could make time then why not pak players in county cricket at least? shoaib's contract with wocstereshire starts 1st july, then we have surrey's mo akram, saqqy and mushy and there must be many playing in english league clubs. Surley.
Why is it called Asia XI should have been called India&Srilanka XI. Seriously i think a Pakistan XI would have been stronger then the Asia XI that played today.
anyway asian 11 didnt seem to know the name of the game when batting. they were a bit slow but kaif's catch was great. did anyone see warne's comments after asian innings regarding engalnd v aussies? he siad england should enjoy the moment but the last match is in september and if they have won the ashes and all etc then the english could gloat all they like. agree with warne as english always get a bit too much carried away.
Pak players would have definiltey done better (saying with no biasedness) but we have players who have much more ecperience inn 20:20 as it was played domestically.
Saj said:
Maybe its just me noticing this but Sehwag these days reminds me of one of the Telly Tubbies. Slow in the field, lazy and dropped a catch at a crucial time.

I totally agree. Sehwag was fielding right in front of us and he was moving like a pregnant woman!
2nd Tsunami Match


Salman Butt was flown in for this game and didnt even get a game!!!!
It never looked like a 20/20 game until blewett and styris got into the maniac mode..
Noddy said:

Salman Butt was flown in for this game and didnt even get a game!!!!

I have to say, Blewett has improved a lot against spinners. I can remember in the mid 90s Mushtaq Ahmed was spinning snakes around him. Blewett was clueless against Mushy. Very diffident, and footwork decidedly limited.

Yesterday, he was a lot more confident and the footwork a lot more decisive.
nufc- Noddy bhai is very reliable. I remind you of his 'inside scoop' about Malik bowling in the 3rd ODI against India.
Noddy bhai is definitley reliable but I agree with nufc as why would they not play the only pak representative? after all this game was for charity and having a pak player would have bought in more pakistani fans. So perhaps maybe salman flew in and for some problem eg injury health etc couldnt play? I wish they played Noddy bhai instead though as he must have been available.
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