South Africa v Pakistan | 4th ODI | Durban | 21/3/13 | Pakistan innings

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Oct 2, 2004
Target is 235 - Do Pakistan have the resolve to chase this and take the series to the last game?
and its 0/2 both Hafeez and Farhat gone without scoring!!!
thats what will happen anyway
But they got Murli Peterson for the flat pitch so no worry :)
If all fails, we can always be the generation to MAKE a NEW improved PAKISTAN :D

they have murli peterson and we have farhat,malik,younis,kamran.... 234 looks hard to me.
Farhat drop cost us 50+ runs with poor fielding costing us 10+ runs.
Pak are the slight favorites I would say. We have a good game on our hands :27:
Can see couple of early wickets with Steyn being fired up. Gonna be tough chase but need the middle order to stay solid if not adventurous.
Needs someone in the top 4 to score big and lead us home here.
god farhat is crap. twice he bowled on his legs, any decent opener just flicks that for 4. farhat instead misses one, and hit on pads on other one..... brutal
Farhat will be out LBW or bowled very soon playing across the line :facepalm:
Why so much negativity towards Farhat? He scored 30 and 40 in the test match.
We need to attack Tsotsobe first up to get the Saffers under pressure and lay a platform for the middle order.
This is a disgrace. The ball hit him on the ass for crying out loud, he wasn't even looking.
Good for pak hafeez would probably end up wasting many balls.
2nd run wasnt needed, Farhat trying his best to ruin the ODI first dropping the catch now bad running.
that is bullcrap!!! again a bs call !!

he is LOOKING over his shoulder!! Nobody can run STRAIGHT like that!!!

and as always, Farhat cant call when running either, moron.....
He wasn't even looking back. He moved only very slightly... How on earth can that be out?
WTH.... that cant be out. hafeez becomes the third pakistani to be out obstructing the field.
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